“This is a great article sent from my friend, Eric Johnson. My son, Trey, and I just got home from an advanced tactical class at Front Sight. This was my first chance back through the simulation house since last November when I was awakened to how NOT ready I was for dealing with hostiles (see my previous article “Shots Fired and My Family is Inside”). This time was far better, but once again, I had hesitation when the intruder’s gun was not pointed right at me. Why? William Levinson answers that question well in the article below. Fortunately, we had a chance to go through a second simulation scenario and I had no hesitation. Thanks to the training at Front Sight, every demented bad guy with a gun in my house received two well placed shots to the thoracic cavity (center mass) and every hostage taker got one in the cranial ocular (between the eyes) and I left that simulation feeling much, much more confident about defending my family. I’m taking two of my sons and going back for more training at the end of June. The beauty of having lifetime memberships at Front Sight is that our family can go back for any of their trainings as many times as we like…for FREE! I’d like you to have that same opportunity, so I’m going to give away a lifetime membership to someone who comments on this article either here on my website or on my Facebook page (www.FaceBook.com/PatriotRickGreen). I’ll be picking you at random for this incredible gift worth thousands of dollars, so get in your comments ASAP! ” – Rick

By William A. Levinson Via AmericanThinker.com

DSC00820New York State has made it clear that it believes that only police officers can be trusted with magazines that hold more than seven rounds.  A Nassau County police officer recently fired eight rounds at an armed individual who was menacing him and a hostage, with the result that the hostage died.  The responsibility for Andrea Rebollo’s death lies squarely with New York’s failure to train police officers adequately to deal with human shield situations.  Anti-gun mayor Michael Bloomberg does not bother to train his police to shoot well enough to avoid wounding nine innocent bystanders in a gunfight with one criminal.

First, why did the officer in question need to fire eight rounds to disable the gunman?  Front Sight’s four-day defensive handgun course includes considerable emphasis on putting a single bullet into the cranio-ocular cavity of a criminal who is using a human shield.  My first impression was that the time might be better spent on other skills, because a private citizen is extremely unlikely to have to deal with a hostage situation.  In retrospect, however, one might ask why the world’s best armies still teach soldiers to use bayonets.  Even if an ordinary soldier is very unlikely to need his bayonet, his life will depend on knowing how to use it if he does.  Mastery of this weapon also builds overall confidence, and it is therefore a morale-builder.  The soldier knows he can, if he must, handle close encounters of the wrong kind.

The same goes for Front Sight’s hostage rescue training.  The knowledge that you can shoot more accurately than almost every action movie hero (who always drops his gun when so ordered by the hostage-taker) is a definite confidence-builder.  The typical Front Sight student can, upon completion of the course, shoot better than 24‘s Jack Bauer except when the script calls for Bauer to drop the bad guy with one shot.  Even more importantly, you learn how to clear a weapon malfunction quickly, as opposed to trying to figure out what to do while the criminal shoots you.  Colonel Jeff Cooper’s To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth stresses the fact that “the right mindset” is every bit as important as the weapon.  Confidence is part of the right mindset, and Front Sight’s training program builds that confidence.

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