Don’t miss Tom Barrett’s New free Seminars

“I’m excited to have Tom Barrett coming back to Texas for a round of seminars on protecting your wealth. Tom is the “go to guy” for my family when it comes to investing in precious metals. Don’t get sucked into just buying bullion when it’s popular. Tom has the best long term strategies for smart purchasing and he is the only guy we use. I encourage you to attend one of these seminars or one of Tom’s webinars.” – Rick

prodThe stock market is up and Gold is down. But the government is still printing money compulsively, and the National Debt is still threatening to crush our national and personal economies. Who can make sense of this? Tom can and will in his new Seminars in Texas.

Tom Barrett has straight answers to these questions in his new Seminar. As you probably know, he has 35 years of financial experience. Tom has been a keynote speaker at the Kingdom Economic Summits; he has been a featured teacher at the International Money Shows; he has been interviewed on radio and TV; and he has authored articles published in national newspapers and on hundreds of websites.

Most important, Tom is very good at sensing changes in the economic “seasons,” and has been successful at shifting his assets to the right places in a timely way. With many expecting the stock market to correct without warning, today we see them moving assets to cash, bonds, gold and silver. But are these really safe places?

We hear people who are in stocks questioning, “Should I get out while I still can?” At the same time, many people who felt led to get out of the stock market are second-guessing themselves. “Did I get out too soon? Have I been left behind?”

Tom was the Vice-President of a national brokerage firm on Black Monday – October 19, 1987 – when the Dow Jones crashed 22.61% in ONE DAY! He helped clients prepare for the “Dot Com” crash that started March 10 of 2000, and saw a decline of 34.22%. And he got his friends out of the market before the Panic of 2008 which resulted in losses of 40% to 50% in retirement accounts. So how can you know the times and the seasons? Tom will show you one indicator that has called every major stock market boom and bust for 117 years.

goldRandy Simmons described the psychology of the stock market very well recently: “Is history repeating itself? Have we seen these cycles before? Prior to every major correction in the market we have seen these cycles. People sense something has changed. They don’t trust the stock market, so they get out – and then it seems to accelerate upward. They regret getting out, so they jump back in and then it goes down. Panic sets in and they sell again – at a loss.”

If you bought gold or silver bullion in the last year, you are probably not a happy camper. You have watched precious metals drop, and are scratching your head wondering how it is possible for this to happen given the state of our economy. Tom will explain why precious metals move up and down. And he will show you a way to protect you assets with Gold that did not go down when bullion gold dropped.

Finally, Tom will show you how to look through all the media hype and the falsehoods from government agencies, so that you can determine what is REALLY happening in our economy. This could save you from making terrible mistakes.

We are stewards of whatever God has blessed us with. It is our responsibility to both protect and grow those assets. As a recent attendee of Tom’s seminar said, “I learned ways to keep my assets safe and at the same time increase their value in spite of inflation. I am so glad I attended.”

Tom will be teaching seminars in four Texas cities between May 23 and 25th. (Dates and locations below.) Make sure to take advantage of one of them!

Important: PLEASE RSVP to [email protected]

Golden Art, LLC



Private Meeting

6:00 PM, Thursday May 23rd



LaQuinta Inn & Suites, SUITE 201

7625 East Ben White Blvd.

Austin, TX

6:00 PM, Friday May 24th



UGRA Building Auditorium

125 Lehmann Drive

Kerrville, TX

9:00 AM, Saturday, May 25th



Hilton Airport Hotel

SHEGUIN Room – 2nd floor

611 NW Loop 410

San Antonio, TX 78216

6:00 PM, Saturday May 25th