Sponsor a Patriot Academy Student

Patriot AcademyInvest in freedom by investing in good leadership out of the next generation. Patriot Academy is raising up a generation of leaders with the integrity, convictions, and skills necessary to lead America back to Her constitutional roots.

You can be a part of this proven program by sponsoring a student from your community to attend the Academy. Patriot Academy is one week of intense, exciting, inspiring leadership training taking place during a mock legislative session at the State Capitol.

Just imagine the impact you can have the life of a young leader by helping them get the training, inspiration, networking, and strong foundation they need to be a leader of influence in politics, business, education, entertainment, or whatever arena the Lord has called them.

Patriot LeadersAt Patriot Academy, a student will discover their passion, plan their purpose, and learn how to effectively execute that plan. You can get them on the right track by telling them about Patriot Academy and offering to sponsor part of their tuition. Each student must raise their tuition from the community just like a candidate, convincing people to invest in them and building a network of support.

Ways you can spread the word about Patriot Academy in your community:

1. Post on Facebook and send out emails with links to www.PatriotAcademy.com encouraging your friends to do the same.

2. Ask your church to show the 3 minute Patriot Academy video and sponsor a student from the church to attend.

3. Ask your church mission committee to include Patriot Academy as a monthly recipient of mission contributions. We need young Christian leaders trained effectively to enter the mission fields of politics, business, entertainment, etc.

4. Sponsor a student with $50, $100, $500, or even a $1,000 scholarship to attend Patriot Academy.

To learn more about Patriot Academy, visit PatriotAcademy.com or click here.