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Turn Your Frustration Into Action!
Specific Action Steps to Save America …

Now that people are waking up to the fast moving train that is America’s march towards socialism, nary a day goes by without me getting emails and phone calls that go something like this:

“We’ve got to stop this before they destroy the country.” And “what can I do…just tell me what to do and I’ll do it…but I cannot stand by and watch the nation I love be wiped out.” And “Does anyone still believe in free enterprise? Can they really do all this? What happened to the Constitution?

I share your frustration. I literally fear for my Country.  I’m afraid my children will be forced to raise their families in a very different America than the one you and I have enjoyed. I use to mock people who said such things. I use to say, “Oh, come on, it’s not that bad, we’re still the greatest nation on the planet”…and we are…but not for long, not if we continue our current course.

Our nation is in crisis, but we’re so focused on the symptoms we are ignoring the root cause. This is not a crisis of economics; it is a crisis of leadership!  We are so lacking, yet so hungry for, principled, conviction-oriented, wise, servant leadership. For too long we have sat back and watched the leaders of both major political parties slowly move us away from the principles that made our nation great. And now in the last few years, the leaders of both parties have marched us towards socialism and the absolute ruin of our nation so fast that our heads are spinning. We’re in a state of shock, literally set back on our heels as our federal government has mortgaged our children’s future, throwing trillions of dollars at a mess government is absolutely incapable of solving (though government created the problem in the first place). Even worse, our federal government has taken ownership in some of our largest private businesses and banks.

Socialism does not work, never has, never will…it ALWAYS destroys a nation.

But this is no time to grab your guns and canned food and go hide out at the ranch. It is time for a clarion call to acknowledge what we face and what must be done if we are to save our country.


Make no mistake, it is you and I who must do the saving. No presidential white knight candidate, no political party will save the day. The responsibility does not lie with them, it lies with us, you and me, a.k.a. We The People. We are the ones endowed by our Creator. We are the ones to whom the rights are given and we are the ones that must exercise them, must stand and fight for them, must let our voices be heard and our values counted.

This is the time to shake each other out of our slumber, to awaken our sense of patriotism and duty. All is not lost…yet…but it will be unless you and I acknowledge the fragility of our freedom, accept the duty that comes with the freedom, and start exercising our rights as free citizens.

So how do we change course and save our nation? It’s actually not complicated, it’s quite simple…maybe not exciting…but it works every time it is applied.


Just showing up to vote in November is not enough (though most are not even doing that). We must raise our personal level of involvement so that we are influencing the process itself even before the choice is made in the November elections. It’s easy to just show up at a party and complain about the choices of snacks and desserts on the table. It takes some effort to get in the kitchen and be a part of the preparation that will determine the results made available to the guests.

Here at RickGreen.com, we discuss the specific steps that must be taken to save our beloved Nation and preserve freedom for our children and grandchildren.

If you think for a moment that this does not apply to you, that you are not qualified or do not have the time, then please allow me to ask you a few simple questions:

If not you, then who? I started this article telling you of the emails and calls I’ve been getting. Most of those include the other person saying “Why doesn’t someone stop them?” Well friend, YOU are that “someone.”

If not now, then when?  Believe me, I’d prefer to do nothing but coach my boys in baseball, attend my daughter’s recitals, and take my family traveling across the nation like we’ve had the privilege of doing the past few years. I am not at all suggesting that you put any of these efforts above your family. In fact, I encourage the opposite. However, I am suggesting that you find a balance that allows you to devote at least SOME time to preserving our nation (see below section on Lives, Fortunes, & Sacred Honor).

If not here, then where? Do you think the answers and solutions and leaders of principle are going to come from Washington, D.C.? Not hardly. They will come from our communities, our churches, and our own homes. We must stop waiting and hoping that “they” will do something to change things because it is time for us to realize that we are the ones that must take action.

Declaration of Independence

The wonderful thing about our system is that the sacrifices necessary to impact the culture are really not that hard to make. The Founding Fathers pledged their Lives, Fortunes, & Sacred Honor…and they gave every last drop of all three. They shed their blood, watched their sons and wives die in the war, spent every penny they had, and gave more to launch this Nation than we can imagine. Because they gave everything and set in place the current system, we are able to give very little…indeed a small fraction…of our Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor and we can still make the necessary changes to Save America.

If we are to make a difference in the big picture of our country,
we all must be willing to sacrifice on these 3 levels:

Lives. That’s our time. How much of your time is your freedom worth? More importantly, what is the freedom of your child worth? Are you willing to give 1 hour a week? Our soldiers leave their families for a year at a time. They do much more than just risk their life…they watch their kids grow up over the internet, they go to sleep each night NOT getting to wrap their arms around their spouse. They give SO much to preserve our freedom. What are we willing to give? I’m asking you to give 1 hour per week and 1 weekend per year…that’s it! Not much considering what is at stake and how much others are giving for us.

Fortunes. That’s our money. We don’t have to give it all, just a very, very small portion from each of us will make a HUGE difference. I’m suggesting a mere 1% to 3% of our income should be invested in preserving freedom. Invest it in a good candidate or give it to a good organization that is defending freedom (like Torch of Freedom Foundation, WallBuilders, Alliance Defending Freedom, and many others). For some of us, that would just be $20 to $50 per month. Others that are blessed more financially, could easily give $100 or even $1,000 per month. The point is that we all need some skin in the game, no matter how little or how large, because we all enjoy the benefits of freedom and we need to start doing what it takes to preserve her.

Sacred Honor. That’s our courage to take a stand. Be willing to write the letter to the editor, call the Congressman, comment on the blog or the youtube video, speak up at the school board or city council meeting, or maybe even just the courage to speak up over dinner with friends. Start being a voice that is heard by more than just the TV in your living room you’ve been yelling at when you see them destroying our nation. Pastors, be courageous and speak the truth from your pulpit the way pastors in the Founding Era did.

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It is not complicated and it is actually not that difficult. Saving America simply requires us to consistently do our duty and encourage others to do the same. Join me at RickGreen.com for a discussion on how we must become an informed citizenry, recruit a better pool of candidates, and then take the actions necessary to have a positive impact on the elections that determine the values our government will represent.

Here at RickGreen.com, we encourage you to take at least one of, if not all, four very specific, very simple actions to preserve freedom for future generations. Click the links below to review each one.

  1. Help implement Celebrate Freedom Week in your community and state.
  2. Host a Constitution Class in your community.
  3. Sponsor a Patriot Academy student from your community.
  4. Host a voter registration drive in your local church.