Constitution class David Barton Rick Green

I am thrilled to announce the latest version of our Constitution Alive! video course! In addition to being filmed on location in Independence Hall, where the Constitution was born, we have now added segments filmed with David Barton, discussing the historical background of the sections covered in the lesson and applying them to today.

David Barton WallbuildersSo now, not only do you study the Constitution in the very room in which it was framed, but you’ll join us in the amazing Wallbuilders library as David displays original documents from the founding era and delves into his rich historical knowledge and insight!

When I graduated from law school and as I served in the TX legislature, I was woefully ignorant on the Constitution. That changed when I started working with David Barton. After just a few months with David, I knew far more about the Constitution than I had ever learned in law school or the legislature!

David has a wealth of knowledge on our country’s founding, our Godly heritage, and how to practically apply the lessons of history to the issues we face today. In fact, let me put it like this: the sections with David Barton are so informative, insightful, and entertaining, that even if you have the original course, it’s worth buying the series again just for that!!

Seriously, if you have never taken the time to study the Constitution, this course is an easy, fun way to start. It’s a lot like a “quick start” guide, because in just a few hours you learn what you need to do to help save our Constitutional Republic.

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