In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution. Thomas Jefferson

The only way we citizens can bind down the politicians with the chains of the Constitution is if we KNOW the Constitution. The reason that politicians and judges can pervert the 2nd Amendment, the First Amendment, Executive Orders, recess appointments and a hundred other basic Constitutional principles is because We The People are so lacking in our understanding of the original intent of founding documents.


When I say “We The People” that includes me. I graduated from one of the best law schools in America and yet at the time I could not have told you any more about the constitutionality of executive orders than I could an executive peanut butter and jelly sandwich. During my tenure as a State Representative, I knew far more about baseball’s infield fly rule than I did about the proper way to assert the 10th Amendment against federal overreach.

My point is that even when I was right in the middle of the very arena where I should have been an expert on those subjects, I was woefully ignorant … and I was most certainly not alone. In fact, even after all the clamoring about the Constitution the last few years, you could still probably count on one hand the number of legislators in any state that are even vaguely familiar with the very constitutional topics they should be devoting themselves to defend.

barton book stack

And the same goes for us as citizens. We complain about government overreach and out of control spending, but how much time do we devote to studying how to fix the problem?

Fortunately for me, I started working for David Barton during my last term as a state representative. After just a few months with David, I knew far more about the Constitution than I ever learned in law school or the legislature. After 16 years of working with him and devoting myself to defending liberty, I am more optimistic than ever that it IS possible to restore our constitutional republic…but only if enough citizens join the fight … and that fight begins at home.

If you want America to survive, then start gathering your family together every night and study the survival guides … the Constitution and the Bible. It’s not difficult to do and it can even be fun. Here’s a few tools that really do make this process fun.trailer-cal-side

Our family believes you learn better and faster when you’re having fun. If you want to get your kids hooked on history and applying that knowledge to every day life, check out Chasing American Legends. You’ll be entertained by comedian Brad Stine and the adventures of our kids, while visiting the most amazing historical sites in America as we investigate the myths and legends that built our nation.

questConstitution Quest is an amazing game created by patriots Dave and Pam Barret. My kids were as young as 9 and old as 16 when this game came out and they absolutely love playing it. When they get it out on their own to play with their cousins, even when dad is not “pushing” them to play, then you know the Barrets have created a fun way for us to learn about the Constitution. Mike Holler, author of “The Constitution Made Easy,” says his family has learned more about the constitution from this game than any other source and I totally agree with regards to my family.  Get it today and start playing with your family immediately.

wwtffdFINALLY! A book that teaches America’s foundational principles to youth in a funny and entertaining way. What Would the Founding Fathers Think? is a must read for every American young and old! David Bowman is an artist extraordinaire that put his talents to use for the cause of liberty through this book. It’s the best explanation for the moral foundation of America’s founding documents that I have ever seen.


The Founders’ Bible is probably the most important work David Barton has ever published. WARNING! If you read The Founders’ Bible, you will be inspired with a new hope and passion for both America AND the word of God. This is the Geneva Bible of our generation!

Discover the Scriptures that the Founders used as the basis for our original founding documents, see what chapters inspired them in the fight for independence, understand the sacrifices they made because of their Biblically-based beliefs and learn about America as a Christian nation. Over 2,200 pages, this Bible is chock-full of full-color insert pages on major themes found throughout our founding, highlights little known and relevant insights from the Founders on their commitment to the importance of the Bible, and includes subject index, concordance and Bible maps.

Fast Track with Chad Hovind

Fast Track w/Chad Hovind is a very entertaining and literally FAST way to enjoy learning AND applying the Bible as a family. Our family has gone through Chad’s FastTrack several times and we love it. He is a very gifted communicator and uses everything from exploding science labs to a tic-tac-toe board to teach in a way you’ll never forget.

ca-banner-low-res-pngConstitution Alive! is my live constitution class taught at Independence Hall, where the founding documents were originally debated and created. This fun, fast paced class will keep your family entertained while teaching them the essential elements of the Constitution for citizens to know if they are to be effective in restoring freedom.

So there you have it! Plenty of tools to choose from! No longer can we complain that it’s too hard to study such things or that they are boring or that we don’t understand. These tools make it easy and make it fun.

So get busy saving the constitution by starting at home with these tools!