College education costs

One of our nation’s biggest financial black holes is education. According to liberals, you can’t spend too much on it.

Well, those of us who live in the real world are painfully aware that you can spend way too much on college education! Not only that, many college graduates never even use the degree they earned. They usually graduate with a mountain of college debt that takes years to pay off, after wasting 4-8 years of their lives sitting under liberal professors.

This is not to say that education itself is a bad idea, only that the current method of delivering that education is broken.

Signing of the Constitution

A look backwards may hold some answers for a better future in education.

The Founding Fathers were very outspoken about the need for education so the people would be able to handle and defend their freedom. They themselves were graduates of universities such as Princeton and Harvard, often before they turned 18.

Fortunately, more and more young people are turning to a revolutionary approach to higher ed – similar to the way many of those Founders approached it over 200 years ago!

CollegePlus is a distance education program that partners with participating colleges and young people to provide a high-quality education that’s completely customized to each student’s life purpose. Completely flexible to your schedule and activities and laser focused on your specific area of interest, this is the future of education for those who want to maximize their time, money, and life purpose!

Trey Green speaking at NLCMy son, Trey, has been able to work on his economics degree while traveling the nation with me speaking on the Constitution, and also running his own firearms instruction business. Because of the innovative approach of CollegePlus, Trey is on track to graduate from Liberty University with his degree in economics at the ripe old age of 17!

This is typical of CollegePlus students. CollegePlus starts with the basics: what has God called you to do with your life? Once you have identified that, then your personal academic coach helps you plan an academic journey that will equip you to fulfil that calling, and gives guidance and encouragement all throughout the journey.

This is all done for a fraction of the cost of the typical path to a college degree!

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I highly encourage you to check out CollegePlus today and learn more about this successful path of education that saves dollars and years while equipping your kids to fulfill their purpose and passion in life!