Jonathon Hill speaking at Patriot Academy

Jonathon Hill, 29, announced this week that he will be running for State Representative in the June 10, 2014 South Carolina Republican Primary.

I could not be more excited, or more proud.

Jonathon Hill Rick Green

I say “proud” because Jonathon is a graduate of Patriot Academy and has been a volunteer staffer for the last few years. When Jonathon first attended Patriot Academy years ago, his grasp of the issues and depth of understanding in conservative principles was impressive.

More importantly, Jonathon quickly proved himself to be a solutions-oriented guy.

Perhaps because of his decade as a computer programmer or maybe being the eldest son or his years of mentoring young leaders through Patriot Academy, but something has caused Jonathon to want to do more than just talk about the issues.

While many of my conservative friends get stuck in “complain mode,” Jonathon has a gift for moving past identification of the problem to finding and implementing real solutions with real results.

And that is exactly the kind of conservative leader we need at every level of government.

Jonathon Hill Bill SigningLeft-leaning politicians from both major parties are moving our nation down the path to socialism faster than any of us ever imagined possible. But we will not save the nation if we just stand around screaming “fire!” We must fight back with conservative solutions that will douse the flames of liberalism and then effectively rebuild from the rubble of left-wing policies.

Jonathon Hill will do exactly that. His candidacy for the South Carolina House of Representatives gives me hope for the future of our nation.

Jonathon is running against an established incumbent and needs our help to get elected. I would encourage you to donate as much as possible to his campaign. A win for Jonathon is a win for conservative, limited government in South Carolina!

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