Guest post by Ellery Sadler of Culture and News: An Insideout Perspective

It was hot July day in Texas and the whole ranch seemed to smell of barbeque. Little groups were scattered across the backyard, talking, laughing, sipping sweet tea and lemonade. Shyly, I joined a circle of girls and started chatting. None of us knew many people and it was our first time at Patriot Academy (an intensive leadership and political training camp).

That’s when Mr. Green came up. With a big smile, he introduced himself and started talking about college and life and politics. He was right at home, and we all quickly felt right at home too. Soon, we realized what everyone who has talked to Rick Green realizes at one point or another: you can’t talk to him long without seeing the hope and vision that he has. And maybe getting a little caught up in it yourself.

There is something so genuine and engaging about the Green family.

Maybe its Mr. Green’s laugh or the way Mrs. Green welcomes you into her home like you’re an old friend. Or the way Rhett smiles a little shyly when he stands up to recite the Declaration of Independence. Maybe it’s their dedication to pursuing the truth.

You couldn’t ask for better guides or better friends to lead you on a journey of discovering American principles and bringing history to life.

And that is exactly what their latest project is doing.

Green family reality show

They are bringing America a fantastic reality TV show: Red, White, Blue & Green, where the Green family head on trips across the country to relive our history and learn about what makes America great.

So many people think of history as boring, just a lot of dates and old papers and stuffy looking men in wigs. So many people think the future is bleak, just a downward spiral we can’t seem to escape. So many people have lost hope and vision.

But the Greens are here to change that.

Red, White, Blue & Green is an honest look at history as a series of stories, about real people and their struggles and their victories. History isn’t just dates, it is the tapestry of thousands of lives woven together to create the masterpiece we call America.

And it is still a masterpiece. There is hope for the future, because there are still people like you and me and the Greens. We haven’t given up. And we won’t. And we get to come along on this journey and see the hope for the future in the eyes of the Green kids as they relive America’s history.

Join the crazy life of this fun, close-knit, awesome family on an adventure you won’t forget. I’m excited and you should be to!!

If you’re interested in learning more about it or would like to help, click here to visit their crowd funding page on Faith Launcher.