“I have never been more excited about a concrete plan of action for saving our nation! The Great One is proposing exactly what I’ve been teaching in my Constitution Alive! class the last couple of years, but he has the bullhorn and the brilliance to actually lead the charge make this happen NOW! I had been hoping for some of these amendments within the next twenty years. I believe if we get behind Levin, we can make them happen in less than five years! I’ll chime in with my thoughts on each amendment in later articles, but for now, I STRONGLY encourage you to read his book.” – Rick

By John Hayward Via HumanEvents.com

mark_levin-620x378Radio host Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republicis one of the most focused, accessible, and aggressive political books you’ll ever find.  Levin’s thesis is that the balance of power between the three branches of the federal government, the states, and the American people has been distorted beyond the ability of conventional politics to repair.  After all, if the power of the legislature has been diminished relative to the executive, the executive has dispersed its disproportionate power into unelected bureaucracies, and the states are increasingly powerless vassals of Washington, then there is no way for the peoples’ representatives in Congress or state houses to draft laws that would correct the situation.  The entire point of this century-long quest to centralize power was to remove it from the clumsy hands of foolish American citizens.  We are spectators to a game show in Washington.  We might be able to vote a few of the contestants off the show, but we have no control over the rules of the game.

Levin aims to change the rules of the game… or, more properly, reset them, to restore the brilliant system put in place by America’s Founders.  With the situation explained and his goals set forth in a few introductory pages, he executes the rest of his book with the planning and precision of a SEAL team taking an objective.  Each of his proposed “Liberty Amendments” is laid out in a brief chapter that explains its importance, sources it to the writings of the Founding Fathers, and anticipates the more reasonable objections that would likely be raised.  Little time is wasted on the unreasonable objections, for Levin does not intend to address an audience of the stupid, greedy, or hysterical.  He also knows his statist adversaries are not interested in rationally discussing the death of the Leviathan they nourished for generations.

A Constitutional reset is necessary because the progressive project is a cascade of lost freedoms, designed so that each step is irreversible, and every inch of ground taken by the State is claimed forever.  The distribution of power to unelected bureaucrats is a key element of this process.  One of the Liberty Amendments “sunsets” all federal departments and agencies, unless Congress reauthorizes them every three years by majority vote.  Every big-ticket Executive Branch regulation would be subjected to review by a joint congressional committee.  This amendment would pull the plug on the unstoppable federal bureaucracy, forcing every department to perpetually justify its existence, and terminating President Obama’s beloved practice of circumventing Congress to legislate by decree.

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