Bringing Up Bates

If you’ve been watching the Duggar family’s show, 19 Kids and Counting, you’ve “met” the Bates, another entertaining double-digit family with children raised on traditional American values and counterculture philosophy.

Here at the Green home, we’re super excited about the premier of UPTV’s “Bringing Up Bates!” partly because we personally know them to be a fun, diverse, well-grounded family; but also because we are confident their show will radiate with hope and good news.

This is super encouraging for a couple of reasons.

  1. In the first place, it shows there is a market for Christian, family-friendly, uplifting entertainment. The Duggars’ show isn’t what you typically see on TV, but it’s been so successful that another network is willing to produce and promote another clean, family friendly program. This is just part of the market shift that’s been happening lately, as more and more independent films emerge, new reality shows geared toward traditional values launch, and even Hollywood studios start turning to the Bible for ideas. Sure, there’s been a lot of pressure and counterattacks from the left, but programming like Bringing Up Bates suggests that traditional values are on the rebound in America!
  2. Very simply, this gives us something else to watch with the whole family! With so few family-friendly choices out there, the Duggar and Bates families take it one step further: they are unashamed of their faith and values and they offer tremendous examples to a world looking for solid ground instead of shifting sand. Even our kids have great respect for the Duggars and the Bates and that has given us the opportunity in our home to playfully, yet seriously remind our kids of how the Duggar and Bates kids responded to different situations. To be honest, Kara and I need the occasional reminders too! We need more of this kind of material and these positive role models on television.

It’s been our privilege to spend time with the Bates family. I’ve been in their home when the cameras were not around and they were the exact same humble, sincere, passionate, fun-loving loving family you see on television. They love America. They are on fire for God. And they are playing a very important role in reminding American’s what matters most.

I would encourage everyone to set your alarm for 9:00 EST to watch the premier of Bringing Up Bates. It’s taking a risk for a network to produce and air a show like this, and we need to show them that it’s a wise investment by giving it our full support and helping to give them huge numbers on the night of their premiere.

Bringing Up Bates premieres on January 1, 9:00pm EST on UP. Click here for more information »