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Welcome Patriots!


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to join us and learn the Founding Principles of our Nation and why we are an exceptional nation. We pray the information you learn during these sessions will help enable you to carry the Torch of Freedom forward and to let the flame of freedom burn even brighter on your watch!


Upcoming Webinars:

“A Republic…if you can keep it”

This Webinar series is a 15 week series designed for High School and College U.S. Government, but taken by citizens of all ages that want a better understanding of how our government and our Constitution work. This series includes Rick’s entire “Constitution Alive!” class, as well as 11 live Webinars in which you will be able to ask Rick questions and interact with other students. You may join the class at anytime and watch any previous classes via recorded webinar. For more information, click here.