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History and government do NOT have to be boring! Rick Green brings the Constitution and citizenship to LIFE through compelling and entertaining stories about the Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor sacrificed to make America the most powerful,most free nation in the history of the world.

Rick will take you back to the events of 1776 and the Declaration of Independence, 1787 and the Constitutional Convention, and step by step through the Constitutional Amendments, right up to the current debates in our nation today covering topics such as nullification, impeachment, the Electoral College vs. National Popular Vote, First Amendment Freedom of Religion, individual God-given rights. vs. group government-given rights, is the Constitution a living document, and much more.

It is impossible to hold our legislators accountable for their actions if we ourselves don’t know what the Constitution says or what it means. Regain the working knowledge every citizen once had of the Constitution by attending a live class or live webinar or viewing our class DVD.

Let’s help Restore America back to her Founding Principles! Available as an abbreviated class format of three hours or the full class of six hours.

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What attendees are saying:

“The seminar was gripping, informative, and impacting! It was so great to be properly informed on what our nation was really founded on and our rights as citizens of the U.S.  Each person who attended left with a lasting impression and gained fresh insight about our nation.  The  Constitution Seminar was a great tool for our church and we are excited to see the fruit that comes from each person who attended.”
 – Pastor Mark B., Meridian, ID

“I taught Constitutional law at DBU.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy Rick’s presentation but I learned a lot.  I keep Rick’s course reference guide in my briefcase.”
– State Representative Phil King

“We  have been looking for a class just like this for years! It is concise, engaging, interesting, and ties in our Biblical foundations. just the right balance of studying the actual text, historical context and current event .”  – 
– Lori G., WA

“I have never heard a more down-to-earth, common  sense version of our Constitution and what it was intended  to do than the one given by Rick Green.” 
– Toni C., TX

“In these tumultuous political times for America and the world, there are a lot of confusing messages out there about what freedom means, and about what America’s founding fathers’ original intentions were.  If you want to understand the roots of true political freedom, and exactly what it is that made America the most exceptional nation in history, then you need to know Rick.  If you want to know what it will take to actually restore America’s greatness, then you must attend Rick’s class.  Rick has an exceptional understanding and knowledge of our nation’s founding documents and the men behind them.  Rick’s articulate and entertaining ability to pass his knowledge to and take his audience through these documents is unsurpassed.  Like children who have just learned to read, Rick’s audience leaves his class both excited about our nation’s heritage and ready to learn more.  I highly recommend Rick’s class to everyone I know.  It’s an essential for thinking Americans who value their freedom, their nation, and their personal futures.”
– Michelle Morin, CO

“Rick’s presentation was electric. He is very entertaining. He speaks at a rapid clip to cover a lot of ground, but you can easily follow and understand him. Rick speaks in everyday English. The presentation sizzles and his excitement quickly becomes your own as you discover just how magnificent America’s foundation truly is. We also learned just how far we’ve strayed from the Founder’s original intent and why it is so necessary that we return to our founding principles. The time flew. We absorbed much. You will understand why the Constitution makes sense. You will discover why your instinctive alarm bells are right and how creeping socialism has circumvented much of the founding documents’ original intent. You will also come to discover there is a cure.

Rick takes us into the minds of the Founders and shows us how the Bible was not just instrumental in their creation of our nation, but it was key.

By returning to the Constitution, we can revive the engine of free enterprise, relight the light of knowledge that is liberty. We can not only save our country, but return it to prosperity. American Exceptionalism is real. And it starts with each one of us.

If you want to know what our Constitution says, if you know instinctively that your freedom is being taken away, if you want to know exactly what our three branches of government are doing wrong as well as how we can fix it, then please attend a class in your area or purchase the DVD set.”
– Austin TX class attendee

Just as expected, Rick was fantastic! He kept us all involved and entertained. The knowledge that man carries in his head is amazing. Having Rick speak to us about our nation’s history was truly a blessing. Not only did he impart historical facts, he gave us direction and motivation to stay in the battle for our country.
Lyleann, San Angelo TEA Party, Inc.