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Rick Green is one of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers in America today. He equips, empowers and challenges about 100,000 people a year in live audiences and millions more through radio and television. His moving presentations often include his children, as they help to passionately explain the bedrock principles which led to America’s place as the most successful nation in the history of the world.

Rick has spoken across the nation to crowds as large as 10,000 and has shared the stage with such legends as Zig Ziglar, Dr. Charles Jarvis, Peter Lowe, and Alan Keyes.

He travels nation-wide educating Americans about the secrets of our national success and the need to teach the principles of freedom to our children. He has influenced thousands of people to become a part of the process and to lead real change in their own lives, their communities, their states, and their nation. Rick is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and inspires audiences through his passionate and moving presentations.

Rick speaks on many different subjects to a variety of audiences. Whether your upcoming event is a business or home school convention, regular weekly church service or special community event, political rally or fund raising dinner, training program or monthly luncheon, Rick can tailor the message to provide your group with a timeless message and immediate action steps.

Here are brief descriptions of some of his most popular presentations:


Freedom’s Frame:  The Secrets of America’s Success

With passion and humor, Rick outlines the basic principles which allowed America to become the most successful nation in history, then leaves the audience with specific actions for applying those principles to our personal lives while preserving them for future generations. 45-55 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.


Is America One Nation Under God?

Ideal for a church or other faith based audience, in this presentation Rick shares a look at our founding fathers, our courts, and our founding documents to take a historical perspective on the current debate regarding whether or not our nation was founded on biblical principles and how that founding should affect current public policy, and whether our faith should be part of both our private and public lives. 45-55 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.


National & Personal Exceptionalism

Learn why “American Exceptionalism” is not an arrogant phrase. This phrase, first coined by Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville in his “The Republic of the United States of America” simply means that our system of freedom and our values have produced something exceptional; not perfect, not infallible, and certainly not indestructible, but something exceptional … meaning different results than any other nation in history. Rick will share the principles that have been applied to make our nation successful and the stories of of individuals, like Thomas Edison and others, who have applied these principles personally to benefit people throughout the world.  60-90 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.

Restoring America’s Constitution

With strength and conviction, Rick outlines how the strength of a Nation is rooted in the foundational principles and rule of law adopted by Her people. “Restoring   America’s Constitution” is a clarion call to return to the core strength of America. 60-90 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.




Passing the Torch of Freedom

In a powerful, yet sometimes humorous, presentation, Rick reminds us of the amazing sacrifice and heroism which spans our history and then challenges and inspires us to live out the principles of liberty and teach them to our children. 30 minutes long, can be accompanied with PowerPoint if desired.




Graduation Address

Rick will inspire and motivate young graduates to: get in the game, get ready for and overcome tragedy, define success carefully, and make their mark in history. 15-20 minutes long, no powerpoint necessary.



The Birth of Freedom

It was a long shot against impossible odds, fraught with inconceivable danger, yet the Birth of Freedom occurred right here, on this continent. It did not happen overnight, but could be destroyed in just one generation. In this presentation, Rick quickly traces the steps of the Birth of Freedom, honors the sacrifice of those who have protected it now for 237 years, and challenges the audience to honor that sacrifice by doing their duty as a free citizen. From 45 to 50 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.


The Guardian of Liberty

Free Market Capitalism is quickly becoming an endangered species. Yet America’s Founders believed free enterprise to be the key to establishing all of our freedoms. In this presentation, Rick explains the Founder’s vision of “the pursuit of happiness” and gives a vigorous defense of free enterprise without government intrusion. 40 to 50 minutes long, accompanied with PowerPoint.


RG - Capitol Tour

Interactive Presentation at the United States Capitol

In association with David Barton’s WallBuilders organization, Rick can lead your group as large as 125 on an unforgettably powerful tour of the U.S. Capitol which brings to life the rich history of our nation, the faith and character of our Founding Fathers, and exciting role we each get to play as citizens in living out the promise of America. Your group must have a Member of Congress as a sponsor of the event. From 2 to 2.5 hours long.


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Interactive Presentation of “Constitution Alive!”

Available as a 3 hour (condensed version) class or 6 hour class. Click here for more detailed class information.




Interactive Presentation of  “The Leader’s Edge” Communication Course

The Leader’s Edge: The Power of Purposeful Communication: Rick will teach you how to “Master the Art of Purposeful Communication,” how good “Rapport Skills” leads to improved personal and professional relationships, along with Public Speaking techniques and how to engage your audience. Five hours of practical and engaging teaching.


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