SCOTUS building

Immorality abounds and is celebrated, even enshrined in the Constitution. Many churches even twist the Bible to support this immorality and they celebrate perversions of “liberty.” The Supreme Court vastly overreaches its power and gives an edict that forces people to violate their conscience in order to follow “the law.”

Do we give up or fight back?

You may think I’m talking about the year 2015 in America, but I’m just reminding you of 1857 America when human beings were treated like animals and forced into bondage as their families were ripped apart. Many churches supported slavery, the Constitution and the courts upheld it, and the law even forced anti-slavery Americans to participate in this abomination (Fugitive Slave Act).

Fugitive Slave Law

If you lived then and watched the human torture of slavery happening in YOUR country while the law and leaders supported it, what would have been your response?

Give up and run for the hills? Shrug and go back to your daily routine?

Here in 2015 our leaders have not only sanctioned anti-Biblical depravity, they now decree that you will participate and celebrate things that violate your conscience.

How will we respond?

Like many who texted or emailed me in the wake of the Supreme Court’s lawless decisions, my initial reaction was despair as I started wondering if there was an island to which I could take my family and start over (I’m only half kidding).

Are we really that weak? Has the church raised up a generation of absolute wimps?

Are we so soft and spoiled that we are going to throw in the towel before we have even stepped foot in the ring? Or for those that have been in the ring fighting for years, will you give up before the final bell?

We are not even in the late rounds, let alone to the final bell! We are in the early rounds of a championship bout in which the prize will be the heart and soul of the greatest nation in history.

Liberty lovers of 1857 found a way to fight on every front and their courage not only preserved America, but made us a far more perfect union.

It did not come easy.

It did not happen in one election.

It took an entire generation, a Civil War, and sacrifice on a level we cannot even begin to comprehend from our luxurious living rooms and modern comforts.

Our challenges today are first year tee ball compared to the Major League battles our ancestors faced in 1857, or 1776, or 1941.

With only 10% of the effort those generations put forth, we could right the ship of today’s America in less than ten years if we would stop operating out of fear and start marching forward like the warriors God’s Word calls and equips us to be.

History illuminates a clear path if we will just pay attention. Here’s a few quick lessons to start:

1. The Only Easy Day was Yesterday.

To borrow from the Navy Seals, quit whining and start getting wet and sandy!

In other words, get in the fight!

If you are not willing to give up some television or other pleasures so you can invest a few hours a week into saving our nation, then you deserve the tyranny under which you will soon live.

John Peter Gabriel MuhlenbergOur forefathers grabbed a musket, left their families, and died on the battlefield for freedom. Will you at least devote a few hours to the basic, peaceful activities of good citizenship?

Patriot Pastor and Revolutionary War hero John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg said “…shall I then sit still and enjoy myself at Home when the best Blood of the Continent is spilling? …I am convinced it is my duty to do so and duty I owe to God and my country.”  We owe the same duty and most of you can fulfill that duty with about 1% of the sacrifice Pastor Muhlenberg made.

Will you do it?

2. Get salty!!

What good is the salt if it has lost its flavor? The church is irrelevant when it is no longer the conscience of the nation. It was the positive influence of Christianity that ended tyranny, ended slavery, launched Civil Rights, and in so many other ways stopped evil in it’s tracks. Get in the Word and learn the Biblical TRUTH and then go apply it in every area of the culture. Use smart strategy and tactics to speak truth in love and win over those within your realm of influence. For years, Lincoln engaged in civil discourse and debate to advocate for right principles (end of slavery) before he was in a position to actually do so with the law.

What are you doing on a weekly basis to discover truth, learn to articulate that truth, and then influence those around you with that truth? If you need a place to start, attend the Citizen Track of Patriot Academy, or join our online webinars, or host one of our Constitution Classes in your home or Sunday school.

Chasing American LegendsAnd as a side-note:  Let’s stop pouring our entertainment dollars into an industry that has indoctrinated a generation with anti-American, anti-Biblical propaganda while doing everything they can to silence anyone with a Biblical worldview. How about using our dollars and our talents to produce and support entertainment that actually reinforces truth and moves the culture in a positive direction? Don’t know where to start? Try or

Stop being fearful!

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound mind (2 Peter 1:7). We know the truth, we have the weapons (free speech, voting rights, convention of states process, etc.) and manpower (we have more than enough with us and far more will be persuaded to join when we articulate truth) to win the war, yet we run from the battle!

It literally makes me nauseous when people of faith say “my one vote will not help” or “there are no good candidates” or “what if there is a runaway convention.” So they choose to do nothing and watch America burn.

Your Vote CountsENOUGH!

Let’s start taking action every day in the right direction and let’s start making big, bold moves to put this nation back on track. Do the small things like engaging in online discussions, and hosting voter registration drives and giving out voter guides at your church. But also do the big things like helping to call for a Convention of States and use the Article V constitutional tool given to us by the Founders to put an out of control government back into its proper place.


There were many in the Civil War and even during the fledgling American Revolution that often thought it was over for America. They faced even worse odds than we do today and they were wrong.

Let’s prove the naysayers of today wrong and let’s have a revolution with ballots, not bullets.

So, after you have looked into your private island apocalyptic escape and stocked up on guns, ammo, and prepper dehydrated meals (you’re not alone, I did too!), then come back to reality and join me and millions of other red-blooded, God-fearing, patriotic Americans in taking simple, practical, meaningful, constitutional steps to restore our republic and win the future!

Washington Crossing the Delaware