The Green family is grieving with the rest of the nation over the senseless massacre of children by a deranged and evil man in Connecticut. My first reaction was to not blog about this so soon. It is so horrific that one needs time just to process the insanity before commenting or even asking the right questions.

However, this is not a new phenomenon in America or the world, so a few initial observations can be made immediately. Children have been ruthlessly murdered in our schools on a regular basis for the last few years. Columbine, Jonesboro, Red Lake, Nickel Mines, and now Newtown were among the worst involving kids.

But there was also Paducah, Pearl, Springfield, Mount Morris, Lake Worth, Santee, New Orleans, Red Lion, Cold Spring,  Jacksboro, Essex, Hillsborough, Bailey, Cazenovia, Tacoma, Midland, Oxnard, Mobile, Knoxville, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Larose, Madison, Belleville, Salinas, Elizabeth City, Carlsbad, Marinette, Houston, Pearl City, Walpole, Chardon, Perry Hall, and others.

Then there are the college campus murders at Virginia Tech, Fayetteville, Grundy, Tucson, Cleveland, Florham Park, Dover, Baton Rouge, Dekalb, Conway, Dearborn, Middletown, Canandaigua, Cambridge, Huntsville, Columbus, Austin, San Jose, Virginia Tech again, and Oakland.

Considering all that carnage, as we process yet another act of evil, we can already reach the following conclusions:

1.  There is evil in the world. While many people will spend countless talk show hours digging into the psyche of this deranged nutcase that murdered 26 people, it does not take a psyche degree to realize that you have to be completely overcome with evil to murder five to ten year olds while they are running from you.

If not a gun, evil people will use something else as a weapon. In fact, 2 of the seven worst incidents of mass child casualties at schools did not use guns. The worst massacre in American history was in Bath Township, Michigan in 1927 when a former school board member used three bombs to kill 45 and wound 58 others. In Germany in 1964, the attacker used a flamethrower to kill 11 and injure another 22.

On the very same day as the Connecticut massacre, a man in China slashed and stabbed 23 children and one adult at a primary school. In the last two years, mass attacks at schools (mostly elementary schools) have resulted in 25 deaths and over 100 other injuries. Since gun control in China means no guns at all, these crazies used knifes, cleavers, an ax, and even hammers.

Cain used a rock to kill Abel.

The weapon is not the problem. The heart of man is the problem.

This is why Benjamin Franklin chastised Thomas Paine over his criticism of religion in The Age of Reason. Paine’s pen had helped Washington’s sword win the Revolutionary War. There would probably be no United States of America without Common Sense and The American Crisis. But after the war, he asked his mentor Benjamin Franklin to review the manuscript for The Age of Reason, in which Paine attacked organized religion.

Franklin encouraged him to burn the manuscript. He told Paine If men are so wicked with religion, what would they be if without it?”

I guess we are finding out.

What was once rare, even in the midst of easy access to guns, has become all too commonplace with all the gun control laws. The guns are harder to get, yet the school shootings happen with more frequency.

Perhaps we should consider that removing religion and morality from our society only encourages evil to spread.

2.         “Gun Free Zones” are an open invitation to the crazies. Whether at schools or movie theaters that ban concealed carry, we send our children and loved ones into these places as sitting ducks. Instead of blaming an inanimate object (the gun), we should be demanding that our public servants allow trained citizens to be ready to defend themselves and their neighbors.

Wayne Lapierre of the NRA got it right. The only thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun. We need more good, properly trained people ready to stop the bad guys wherever they show up to cause chaos. I urge you to consider a training at Front Sight, please contact me if you would like more information.

There is obviously much more to discuss on this subject, but I wanted to make a couple of initial observations.