“Take a few moments today on the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution to read this overview of what the founders accomplished 227 years ago, and be reminded of why it’s so important to return to those founding principles today.” – Rick

By Daniel Horowitz via Breitbart.com


Today, we celebrate the 227th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution, but so many people will never know it. Because many Americans never studied why our founding documents are so unique, and they never learned the importance of our Constitutional Republic.

This lack of appreciation for our Constitution is why our original system of government is hardly recognizable. Most Americans living in the 21st century fail to appreciate the superiority of the American system of government. After all, there are many “liberal democracies” in the world that are not governed by dictators or monarchs, what is so unique about our form of democracy?

But the gradual erosion of freedom in this country over the past half century, culminating with the Obama presidency presents us with an opportune moment to hearken back to our funding principles and explore the uniqueness of our Constitutional Republic as it was originally conceived.

Shaking off the yoke of the British monarch was the easier task for the colonists during the late 18th century. The hard part was formulating a system of governance that would net the optimal degree of liberty for everyone. The absence of any central authority leads to anarchy, and eventually full-scale tyranny. A simple democracy, which is how most countries operate, will also result in tyranny. Under a democracy, elections become the most important element of governance. If a group of slick powerful elite are able to hoodwink 51% of the population into empowering them, they can engineer any societal change at whim.

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