I’m looking for a High School or College student that would like to use their next research paper to be part of re-igniting the Torch of Freedom across America!

Can you imagine how many of our national problems would be solved if every single American read, studied, and understood the founding documents of our Nation?

In 2001, I passed the Teach Freedom Act (HB1776), which set up the concept of Celebrate Freedom Week across Texas schools and several states followed our lead. This law requires that every student spend time during the designated week studying the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Though the law is mandatory, most schools are not participating, which means that most students educated in America get very little to zero exposure to the founding principles of America.

My family wants to launch an all out effort to maximize the implementation of Celebrate Freedom Week across the entire nation and we need your help! As we prepare for this push, we are looking for a High School or College student that would like to do a research paper on the impact of this one piece of legislation. The student’s paper could chronicle which states have adopted Celebrate Freedom Week and when they did so, as well as compile helpful links to websites in those states that we can later share with people in those states that want to help with implementation. The paper could compile examples of activities schools have engaged in as part of CFW and also include teaching tools that people across the nation have developed for the week.

We will then take the information gathered in the student’s paper and include it in our new internet launch for the Spring of 2012, using that information to equip and inspire patriots across America to bring Celebrate Freedom Week to their local school districts.

The student or students who choose to help with this project will not only complete a research assignment they had to do anyway, they will choose a topic that allows them to be a very vital part of sparking a freedom revolution across America!

Please spread the word and have students send their papers to [email protected] no later than February 15, 2012.