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One of the saddest results of our modern education system is the common opinion that history is dull, boring, and dry. That said, there is some justice in that opinion: the way history is taught these days IS dull, boring and dry.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. History isn’t a series of dates: it’s a series of stories! Exciting stories of real people and the events that shaped their lives and continue to shape our future. All we need is someone to tell those stories in an entertaining and inspirational way! (Check out the various opportunities to participate on the Faith Launcher page.)

I’m excited to say that there is a project that, if successful, will do just that.

Green family reality show

Have you ever wished you could visit all the wonderful sites of our nation’s founding? Most of us don’t have time or money to do that, but hey, we can dream, right? As long as we’re dreaming, let’s take a captivating storyteller along on the trip who can bring those places to life for us. And then, let’s take away all the travel, hotels, and the high cost. Sounds like a dream vacation, right?

Well, this dream is actually becoming a reality. In fact, it is becoming a reality show, but with true purpose!

Not just any reality show though; this one stars one of my all-time favorite families traveling the nation’s historical sites and teaching about American exceptionalism and our Constitution!

Green family reality showThe Green Family is one of the most fun-loving families I know, but they unite fun with purpose as they pursue their shared goal of rekindling the torch of liberty in America. They have been traveling and speaking across the nation for years, and have often wished they could take everyone along to share the inspiring things they’ve experienced.

Through this new video project, they plan to do just that.

Green family reality show

When you sit down to watch an episode of Red, White, Blue, and Green you’ll be taking a trip back in time to one of America’s treasured locations rich with inspirational history. You’ll marvel at the scenery and architecture, learn as Rick tells the stories behind those places in his own inimitable style, and laugh as the family experiences the joys and frustrations of living their calling. Plus, you get a sneak peek into the crazy world of a close-knit, baseball-loving family on a mission to restore our nation!

More than anything else, you’ll share the inspiration and hope in the eyes of the Green kids as they relive America’s history, and you’ll be encouraged to take up that torch of liberty anew yourself.

Several networks are interested and we have an opportunity to vote with our dollars to show there are a lot of us out here that would enjoy this kind of programming. Production has already begun on the first few episodes and a director’s cut of the pilot is waiting for your own personal input and critique.

If you will partner with the Greens through their Faith Launcher project, they will be able to continue producing at locations like Valley Forge, Independence Hall, the Alamo, Colonial Williamsburg, the site of Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death” speech, and so many other amazing places.

Green family reality showFor every level of sponsorship, the Greens will give you rewards far more valuable than the dollar level at which you donate. Check out the various opportunities to participate on the Faith Launcher page. Some levels include the chance to meet the Greens at some of the historical sites and appear in the program.

Will you partner with the Green family and help them tell America’s story? Click here to visit the Faith Launcher project.