“Every American who can should take a course at Front Sight. I can attest to the excellence of Front Sight.” – Dennis Prager

Join the Green Family for an amazing weekend at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, where you will significantly ramp up your handgun defense skills AND constitutional knowledge.

SPECIAL ONE TIME EVENT JUNE 3 & 4 WITH COMEDIAN BRAD STINE!!!! Brad will be joining us for training on the range during the day and then he and Rick’s family will perform the Comedy & Constitution event in the evening. Don’t miss this one chance to experience both the Constitutional Defense Course AND the Comedy & Constitution in one trip! Scroll to the bottom of this page for registration information. VERY limited space and only a few days left to register.


Every American citizen has a duty and responsibility to study, understand, and live out the constitutional freedoms guaranteed within our republic.

Imagine doing so at the premier firearms training facility in the nation and studying the Constitution at the same time!

Are you confident in your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the principles of liberty that made America the most successful nation in history?

Are you confident in your ability to defend your family should you be the victim of one of the more than 1.2 Million violent crimes committed in America each year?

The Green family invites you to join us on the range and in the classroom as we partner with Front Sight Firearms Training Institute for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to save $1,000 in normal course costs. This is an unprecedented opportunity to prepare you for defending both your family and your freedom. Because Front Sight shares our vision for educating Americans about the Constitution, they have teamed up with Rick to teach their members about the 2nd Amendment and the entire Constitution. This has made it possible for our friends, family, Patriot Academy Alumni, and radio audience to get special access to these classes, attending the $1,000 class for a fraction of the regular costs and for our donors, possibly for FREE! See below for details and dates.

Rick Green

Rick Green is one of the most sought after national speakers in America. His inspirational, entertaining, and informative presentations and classes have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. His “Constitution Alive!” is said to be the most popular and effective constitutional training in the nation. Read Rick’s bio here.The Constitution Crash Course Classroom portion will be taught by Rick and will include a fast-paced overview of the Constitution, as well as more in-depth information specifically on what you need to understand to defend the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.


We are very excited to be partnering with Front Sight for this class and the televised series that is soon to be released. The Firearms training will be conducted by Front Sight’s outstanding instructors and will include self- defense tactics with firearms. Whether you have never held a gun before or you consider yourself extremely proficient with firearms, you will LOVE taking this class at Front Sight! Front Sight’s facilities are in Pahrump, Nevada. Pahrump is located about fifty minutes outside of Las Vegas. Front Sight is the nation’s largest and most successful self-defense training facility, with over 50,000 students attending their programs every year. The Green Family trains at Front Sight multiple times a year and highly recommends it. We can not overstate how much we love this place. It’s basically gun heaven!!! If you want to know what it’s like to attend a Front Sight class, we encourage you to watch several of the videos at this link following students of all ages and backgrounds going through classes. Watch this 3-minute video that gives you a taste of Front Sight and you’ll want to make multiple trips a year like the Green Family, but start with this incredible offer to attend with the Green Family for huge discounts and great fellowship!



Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be amazed at how much you will learn about the Constitution and liberty, while also improving your defensive handgun skills more than you can imagine. Even if you know nothing about the Constitution and you have no experience with a handgun, your Constitutional knowledge and your passion for American Exceptionalism, as well as your handgun skills, marksmanship and safety awareness will all dramatically improve.

We are not talking about small improvements in your skills or just learning a couple of facts and figures.

What You Will Learn and Experience on the Range

  • > Firearms safety and the Four Universal Firearms Safety Rules
    > Checking the condition of the weapon
    > Proper grip, and standing and ready positions
    > Loading and unloading procedures
    > Fundamentals of defensive marksmanship
    > Dry practice and how to use it to improve your skills
    > Balancing speed and accuracy in a defensive encounter
    > Checking your environment following an encounter
    > Reloading after shooting
    > The five levels of competence
    > Developing the mental awareness to win (or avoid) a lethal encounter
    > Justification for the use of deadly force
    > Moral implications and decision-making regarding deadly force
    > Safe and effective dry practice procedures

What You Will Learn in the Classroom

  • What is the law, both criminal and civil, regarding deadly force? Are you prepared to use it if necessary to protect your family?
  • Preparing yourself mentally to recognize a threat and do what is necessary and proper in defending your family.
  • What was the original intent of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and how is it being upheld or ignored today?
  • What are the proper functions and jurisdictions of the federal government?
  • What are the constitutional duties of an American citizen?
  • What can be done if a judge or the president oversteps their constitutional powers?…and much, much more!

All Students Must Bring:

  • Handgun suitable for defensive use
  • 200 rounds of ammunition (or you can purchase at Front Sight, their prices are good)
  • Holster that meets Front Sight requirements (see link below)
  • 2 magazines or speed loaders, magazine or speed loader pouch
  • Eye protection and electronic ear protection
  • For details on exactly what to bring, visit this link on Front Sight’s website and call them if you have any questions.

Family Training

We are a family-friendly training program. Minors older than 10 are welcome to attend, but must be accompanied by a parent. Any minor under 16 must be on the same range as their parent and the parent must be responsible for only one minor. We have had multiple families join us with 11 year olds who did outstanding! Visit Front Sight’s link for more details.

Training Costs

Although this 2-Day class normally costs $1,000, our partnership with Front Sight has allowed us to set aside a limited number of slots for attending with us at a fraction of the cost… just $99 each and that includes attending the Constitution Crash Course. (contact [email protected] for details). The course we will be attending in this training is a 2-Day Defensive Handgun Course (see below for upgrading to the 4-Day Course). This course is for everyone, whether you have never held a weapon before or are extremely experienced (For more information on the class, click this link. Please notice the age requirements. Also, notice the price from Front Sight, $1,000! You’ll get the exact same class, PLUS Rick’s Constitution Training, but space is extremely limited for each class, so register as soon as possible. Front Sight’s philosophy is to teach you both the basics and the little known secrets of self-defense, and then practice them until you’ve mastered them. By the end of this 2-day course, you will be able to spot a threat, present your sidearm from concealment and fire two controlled shots to the vital area on the threat in just 1.5 seconds. That’s right, 1.5 seconds!

4-Day Class Option:  If you would like to do 4 days of training while you are in Pahrump, it is possible, though not guaranteed, that you can take the 4-Day Defensive Handgun course, which obviously has twice as much training, more time in simulation situations, etc., but you’d still join us for the Constitution Crash Course. If you are interested in this option, (which is a $2,000 value), there is a small additional fee of $100 and you will need to email Trey Green to let him know you are interested in this option.

Below are a few questions that you might be asking, as well as some answers and information that might be helpful to your planning for this training.
Please Note: Although we list below various details for your trip, you are responsible for each of these steps (Booking flights, hotels, getting to Front Sight, etc). We will provide you with the certificate needed to attend the training, but the rest must be obtained and paid for by you. We are saving you $1,000, which is the cost of the 2-Day Course, but you will need to pay for your travel, meals, and ammunition. 


The actual training will take place over the course of two days. Because Front Sight begins their classes early in the morning, it is necessary that everyone fly in the evening before classes start and get a very good night’s sleep. For returning home, we recommend that everyone fly out the day after classes end, rather than trying to rush an evening flight, but if you must get home, there are some late night flights out of Vegas.

The following dates are currently available for registration:

JUNE 3rd & 4th, 2019 

Our training at Front Sight begins at 7:00 AM on the 1st day and 8 AM on the second day (They need a little extra time the first day to check everyone in). We will train until late in the afternoon. On the first evening, we will gather in the Front Sight Training Room for the Constitutional training taught by Rick Green. In return for your discounted registration, you are consenting to have your image used in the filming, which means you may appear in the television program, DVD set, or promotional videos. If you enjoy the class, we’d love for you to share that on camera as well!

Check in station Friday morning


You will need to keep two transportation logistics in mind. Transportation to Pahrump and transportation from your hotel to Front Sight each day. If you are planning on flying to Pahrump, we recommend flying into Las Vegas airport and renting a vehicle. We also recommend selecting a flight time that allows you three or four hours to pick up your vehicle and drive to Pahrump without rushing. Please note: If you are bringing your own firearm and have not flown with one before, please research how to do this according to TSA guidelines on the website of the airline you are flying. It is not overly difficult as long as you follow their rules, but if you want to avoid this then be sure and tell Trey you are interested in a gun rental package.

As transportation is your own decision, you are also welcome to drive to Pahrump if you’d prefer. We know many groups who drive together to save on flight costs and the hassle of transporting a firearm with an airline.

As mentioned above, we begin our day early at Front Sight. Their facility is about fifteen minutes outside of Pahrump, so you will need transportation there and back in the mornings and evenings. We advise renting a vehicle if you are flying.


While you are responsible for booking your hotel and are free to book wherever you would like, there are a few hotels where the Green family typically stays and we recommend.

A) The Nugget: Has a great steakhouse in their facility.
B) Wine Ridge RV Resort: Great if you want solitude on the nice Nevada evenings.
C) Saddle West: Definitely not fancy, cheapest of the hotels in Pahrump. Great breakfast. Many Front Sight students stay here.
D) Best Western:
E) Holiday Inn Express:
F) AIRBNB and HomeAway.com both have a few houses or rooms for rent around Pahrump and seem to be pretty good deals.

Things You Need For Front Sight

You can find a list of equipment and ammunition requirements at the page for the Front Sight training here. Here’s a quick list of a few things to keep in mind. Each person attending Front Sight will need these items. Please click the link for a full list.

REQUIRED ITEMS: Equipment package (Firearm, holster, three magazines, magazine pouch), electronic ear protection, wrap around eye protection (Sunglasses. Prescription glasses will work by taking the ends of ammo boxes and attaching them to the side), concealment garment for the range, 200 rounds of ammunition (NO RELOADS ALLOWED). We recommend just buying the ammunition at Front Sight as their prices are actually very reasonable. Your holster needs to be an OWB (outside the waste band) and we highly recommend BladeTech. If you do not have one, check with Trey and he may have some in stock and will give you a better price than you can get anywhere. But if he doesn’t have your brand, you should order online from BladeTech or another manufacturer and not wait to buy at the pro-shop at Front Sight (just in case they are out of your brand).

Please Note: If you do not have a firearm or equipment, you can rent one from Front Sight by visiting this page. They charge $100 for the equipment package and $20 for the electronic headphones. We have purchased many of these equipment packages in bulk and can sell them to you for $50 (this does not include the electronic headphones), so email Trey Green if you are interested. If you do not have a firearm and are interested in the equipment package, please let us know and we will get you set up when you purchase the class.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Bottled water, snacks, cooler, sunblock, bandana (to cover your neck), long sleeve shirts (to protect against sun and hot brass on the firing range), cargo pants (you’ll be glad you have the extra pockets), food (Boxed lunches can be pre-ordered through Front Sight here or you can bring your own).


FRONT SIGHT MEMBERS: If you already have a membership to Front Sight, you still need to sign up for this special class through us. You will need to email [email protected] to confirm that you wish to attend the Constitution Crash course and let him know which dates you are attending. You can take any of Front Sight’s classes and still attend our Constitution Class. However, if you want to be in a class with all of us and our friends from around the Nation, you’ll want to have Trey sign you up for our 2-Day Handgun or 4-Day Handgun.

NON-MEMBERS: Here are the steps to sign up for this class.

1. Visit this link and create a MyFrontSight.com account. There is no fee for this.
2. Email [email protected] to request a place in this class and MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR FRONT SIGHT ACCOUNT NAME.
3. If we are not yet full, Trey will transfer into your account a certificate for attending the 2-Day Defensive Handgun class and confirm with Front Sight that you are registered for the class and then email you when this is done.

ONLINE REGISTRATION AT MYFRONTSIGHT.COM CLOSES 2 weeks before each class. If you do not get through all of the above before then, you need to let [email protected] know that so that he can try and still get you in the class through our contacts, but it is likely you’ll have to choose a later date.

Questions? Ask!

We are looking forward to having you with us for this training. It will be a lot of fun and some great fellowship! If you have any additional questions, please email Trey Green at [email protected] We can give you more details, answer specific questions, or give you more information on Front Sight. Looking forward to seeing you in Nevada!