Constitution Tools For The Whole Family


If you want America to survive, then start gathering your family together every night and study the survival guides … the Constitution and the Bible. It’s not difficult to do and it can even be fun. Here’s a few tools that really do make this process fun.




Constitution Quest

is an amazing new game created by patriots Dave and Pam Barret. My kids are as young as 9 and old as 16 and they absolutely love playing this game. When they get it out on their own to play with their cousins, even when dad is not “pushing” them to play, then you know the Barrets have created a fun way for us to learn about the Constitution.

My buddy, Mike Holler, author of “The Constitution Made Easy,” says his family has learned more about the constitution from this game than any other source and I totally agree with regards to my family.  Get it today and start playing with your family immediately.

follow_the_founding_fathers_david_bowman_lgcover1__31301.1352387582.1280.1280What Would the Founding Fathers Think?

FINALLY! A book that teaches America’s foundational principles to youth in a funny and entertaining way. What Would the Founding Fathers Think? is a must read for every American young and old! David Bowman is an artist extraordinaire that put his talents to use for the cause of liberty through this book. It’s the best explanation for the moral foundation of America’s founding documents that I have ever seen.




41bHq3DsquL._SL500_AA300_The Founders’ Bible

Is probably the most important work David Barton has ever published. WARNING! If you read The Founders’ Bible, you will be inspired with a new hope and passion for both America AND the word of God. This is the Geneva Bible of our generation!

Discover the Scriptures that the Founders used as the basis for our original founding documents, see what chapters inspired them in the fight for independence, understand the sacrifices they made because of their Biblically-based beliefs and learn about America as a Christian nation. Over 2,200 pages, this Bible is chock-full of full-color insert pages on major themes found throughout our founding, highlights little known and relevant insights from the Founders on their commitment to the importance of the Bible, and includes subject index, concordance and Bible maps.

The Role of Government Booklet – FREE!  

President Eisenhower’s Ag Secretary, Ezra Taft Benson, penned a fantastic primer on American principles and the reason we much each be engaged as active citizens. My favorite quote from the entire booklet is this:  “Unlike the political opportunist, the true statesman values principle above popularity, and works to create popularity for those political principles which are wise and just.”  That’s exactly the reason we started Patriot Academy. If you want statesmen instead of political opportunists, then read this booklet and share it! Click on the title of this section or the picture to get your free downloadable pdf.

9780310734215__75924.1355326706.1280.1280Our Constitution Rocks

Is a very well done book about the Constitution that young Juliette Turner created for kids and teens. It is full of colorful pictures and graphics and stories that make constitutional principles easy to understand for the kids.





screenpic_50__34620.1359750712.1280.1280Constitution Alive! 

Is my live constitution class taught at Independence Hall, where the founding documents were originally debated and created. This fun, fast paced class will keep your family entertained while teaching them the essential elements of the Constitution for citizens to know if they are to be effective in restoring freedom.

So there you have it! Plenty of tools to choose from! No longer can we complain that it’s too hard to study such things or that they are boring or that we don’t understand. These tools make it easy and make it fun.

So get busy saving the constitution by starting at home with these tools!