As we wrap up our FaithLauncher funding project, I’d like to share a little more about why our East Coast trip was so meaningful to me on a personal level.

We didn’t just go to film episodes of Red, White, Blue, & Green. The main purpose of our trip was to attend my oldest son Trey’s graduation from Liberty University (as the youngest graduate there! Go Trey!).

Trey Green speaking at NLC

As Trey starts this new season of life, we wanted a memorable way to emphasise some important lessons embodied by the founders. And the most powerful way to drive those lessons home is to visit the locations where those stories took place.

So, we visited Polegreen Church, where a young Patrick Henry sat under the preaching of Samuel Davies, one of the most powerful, eloquent ministers in the colonies. Henry later remarked that Davies “taught me what an orator should be.”

Visiting Polegreen Church

As we stood on that historic location, we shared with Trey how, no matter where God takes him, he will always need wise mentors in his life.

The other lesson we wanted him to remember is that regardless of the field he enters, he is called of God to be a good citizen.

So we visited the church of John Peter Muhlenberg. During the Revolutionary War this Patriot pastor preached from Ecclesiastes 3:8, before removing his clerical robes to reveal an officer’s uniform and leading his congregation outside to form into the 8th Virginia Regiment.

John Peter Muhlenberg Bible

With the original Bible Muhlenberg preached from

It’s one thing to know the stories, but it was a profoundly moving experience for me as a father to discuss them with my son in the locations where they actually took place.

These are the kinds of “you’d just have to be there” experiences we want to share with you in Red, White, Blue, & Green.

We believe this reality show has the potential to bring the principles of American Exceptionalism to a whole new audience, but our resources are limited and time is running out.

Will you help us meet our deadline tonight? We may not reach our goal, but FaithLauncher isn’t an all-or-nothing deal like Kickstarter and we will receive all the support pledged.

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