After a successful 12-Week run on hundreds of stations across America, the DVD box set for Chasing American Legends is now available! To order, visit here.

Chasing American Legends follows the dynamic Green family and their special guests in their investigations of America’s heroes, legends, and legacies.

With sincere passion for America balanced by humor and curiosity, an entertaining cast brings a fresh approach to storytelling through their access to authentic worlds of timeless national treasures. Each episode is a fun journey through America’s most amazing moments as Chasing American Legends redefines the history genre of reality television.

Here’s a sneak peak of the first episode, BULLETPROOF PRESIDENT?, followed by a sneak peak of the Season Finale, ONE LIFE TO GIVE.

To order the 12-Episode DVD Box set, visit here. ($29.99)

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As featured in the Season Finale, the Green’s new book, Legends of Liberty is now available as well. Teaming up with David & Tim Barton, Brad Stine, Cliff Graham, Krish Dhanam, Gary Newell, Paul Tsika, and more, the family shares the amazing stories of 15 Legends from throughout history. You will be inspired by these stories of Nathan Hale, Jackie Robinson, King David, John Locke, and many more legends who sacrificed for liberty. Get your copies in time for Christmas and share them with friends and family!

To order Legends of Liberty, visit here.