Prior to our eighth and final campfire chat, your mission prep materials include watching Chapter 11 of Constitution Alive while completing the workbook for that chapter, watching “Living the 2nd Amendment,” and watch “The Secrets of American Exceptionalism”.

You will need about 4.5 hours to view the recorded videos. You can view the recorded materials anytime BEFORE the eighth campfire chat on March 30th at 7:00 PM.



If you did not complete your reading of Freedom’s Frame before Campfire Chat Eight, be sure to do so this week, especially chapters 15-24.  


constitution alive workbook


Watch Section Eleven – Duty of the Citizen  from Constitution Alive! while following along in the Constitution Alive! Workbook.



 Watch Living the 2nd Amendment.


Review David Barton’s presentations from Patriot Academy last year. For some of you alumni that attended last year, this will be a repeat, but still watch it again. Be prepared to answer questions about this presentation and to make any arguments against anything you disagreed with in the presentation. This video will be uploaded by Tuesday evening.



Watch the recorded webinar from March 30th by clicking here.