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Chasing American Legends follows the dynamic Green family and their special guests in their investigations of America’s heroes, legends, and legacies.

With sincere passion for America balanced by humor and curiosity, an entertaining cast brings a fresh approach to storytelling through their access to authentic worlds of timeless national treasures. Each episode is a fun journey through America’s most amazing moments as Chasing American Legends redefines the history genre of reality television. (can end here for a short blurb)

When you sit down to watch an episode of Chasing American Legends, you’ll be taking a trip back in time to one of America’s treasured locations rich with inspirational history. You’ll marvel at the scenery and architecture, listen as the Greens learn – and sometimes reenact – the stories behind those places, and marvel at the heritage we enjoy as Americans. Plus, you get a sneak peek into the crazy world of a close-knit, baseball-loving family on a mission to restore our nation!

More than anything else, you’ll share the inspiration and hope in the eyes of the Green kids as they explore America’s history, and you’ll be encouraged to take up that torch of liberty anew yourself.

American Exceptionalism is alive and well. The spark of patriotism still burns in most Americans; it just needs to be reawakened. Chasing American Legends exists to help fan those sparks into a blaze!



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