Be a Part of History

Imagine studying the Constitution in the very room where the Founding Fathers framed the document…Independence Hall!

Join Rick Green for a once in a lifetime chance to relive history while learning how to Restore America’s Constitution.




 You can be a part of this once in a lifetime event. Attend in person (seating extremely limited), via live webinar, or enjoy the DVD set after the live event.

 By investing in one of the options below, you will be a VITAL partner in  sponsoring this important project while also equipping & inspiring your family and friends to Restore America’s Constitution and preserve freedom for future generations!

Participation Levels:


Livingston was the Chairman of the committee of 5 appointed by the Continental Congress to draft the Declaration of Independence and participated in it’s adoption, but other commitments prevented him from attending the signing of the Declaration on August 2nd. Perhaps you would like to attend the live class, but simply have other commitments. The Livingston Participation Package is for you!

By placing this pre-order for the DVD set and study guide, you will help co-sponsor the project while also receiving a very special price of $75 + $8.95 S/H (suggested retail price will be $150) AND receiving a complimentary ticket to view the recorded version of the full class at your leisure.

The DVD set will include the entire class from Independence Hall on DVD, including the question/answer sessions, as well as the workbook study guide. Completed sets are scheduled to ship 14-16 weeks* after the live event in Philadelphia, but the recorded webinar will be available online immediately after the class is completed.  *Estimated Shipment date. If production delays occur, it could add a couple of weeks to the estimated time frame.*



Jefferson was the chief author of our Declaration in 1776, but did not participate in the Constitution because he was in Europe at the time of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Perhaps you cannot physically join us at Independence Hall in Philadelphia August 21st & 22nd, but you would like to participate in the class via webinar from wherever you will be on those two evenings. The Jefferson Participation Package was designed for you!

Participate via Live Webinar August 21st & 22nd AND receive the complete DVD set & workbook. This webinar will take you directly into Independence Hall, behind the scenes into the production of the live class, as well as full participation in the entire 8 hour class*, asking questions via text message*, and a complete set of the final DVD’s and workbook. You will receive a digital copy of the workbook so that you can follow along during the live class. Pour on the coffee and join us for this after hours access to the very room where America’s Freedom Documents were debated and birthed.

This late night class will take place on August 21st & 22nd from 8:30 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST (7:30 PM CST and 5:30 PST). Your purchase also includes unlimited viewing of the recording of the webinar after the live event for you and your family (license limited to 3 computers within your family).

Jefferson Participation Package of Live Webinar PLUS DVD/workbook Set = $99 + $8.95 S/H.  So for 33% less than the SRP for the DVD set, you will receive the DVD’s AND get to participate live via webinar in this historic occasion AND be able to repeat the webinar class with your family as much as you like.



Franklin was one of only 6 Founders to sign both the Declaration and the Constitution. Perhaps you like the idea of unlimited access to the recorded webinar and DVD set for your family library, but you want to physically be in the room with Rick experiencing the rich history, the amazing artifacts, and the inspiration of studying the Declaration and Constitution in the very room where they were debated and signed.

The Franklin Participation Package is for you, but due to the extremely small space available in Independence Hall, we can only invite a small handful of people to participate at this level (approximately 25). THESE SEATS ARE NOW FULL, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ON THE WAITING LIST, PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORMS AND SEND AN EMAIL. Due to the production and broadcast requirements of this project, Franklin Participants must complete a pre-screening application and sign a FILM RECORDING APPLICATION AND RELEASE form, both of which can be downloaded here. Reserve your space by purchasing the package now, as these limited spaces will most likely be gone within a week. If your application is not accepted or the class is full, your payment will be refunded.

 *DISCLAIMER: We will be filming this class and broadcasting to you via the internet from a room that was built long before Al Gore invented the internet. While we do not expect technical challenges, we will be working in an environment not built for technology. Our test runs from the facility reflected video freeze frames once in a while, but audio and powerpoint slides should be uninterrupted. In other words, webinar participants may miss a few seconds here and there of Rick’s rapid hand gestures and fast pacing between the chairs of Benjamin Franklin & George Washington, but being a part of history has it’s price! Besides, you’ll be receiving a professionally edited, full DVD set of the class for your family library that includes enough of Rick’s gestures and pacing for a lifetime! There will be a webinar chat room monitor in the room with Rick and the live class in Philadelphia who will be relaying your chat room questions to Rick and he will answer them live during the class. As we expect a large attendance in this class, there is no guarantee that your particular question will be chosen.

Take your seat alongside our Founding Fathers!

Declaration of Independence