images (2)We’ve all seen the “man on the street” interviews with Jay Leno or Ray Comfort and we all laugh at the ridiculous lack of basic knowledge.

But the epidemic of civic ignorance is no longer a laughing matter, it is causing a loss of freedom.

If freedom is to survive, we must have an informed citizenry. Ignorance of our basic principles is rampant…and even worse among elected officials than among average citizens! 71% of all respondents failed a recent Civic Literacy test, yet 74% of elected officials failed.

Less than half of those polled can name all three branches of government.

30% do not know that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are the inalienable rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence.

27% cannot name even one right or freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. And these are elected officials!!!

68% of elected officials cannot properly define the free enterprise system, and 59% cannot identify business profit as “revenue minus expenses.”

An informed citizenry begins with each of us personally getting informed. Here is a quick and easy way to get started:

constitution_preamble_people_html1.  Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. This is the foundation, this is the formula for America’s success. If we do not know our rights, we will not know when they have been violated, nor will we know if a candidate supports the basic principles that made our nation great in the first place. If you do not have a copy, simple go online and google both documents as there are plenty of sites with a free copy.

book_cover_color__37267.1352484298.280.2802.  Get my book, Freedom’s Frame, and read it cover to cover. It is conversational and a quick read, but it goes into detail on the four basic principles of America’s framework which you and I must fight to defend for future generations. Order here.

3.  Attend Citizen Trainings.  Just as the Founding Fathers prepared for the coming battle, we must get trained and equipped with the weapons of our warfare…ballots, not bullets. Go to trainings and seminars held by The Torch of Freedom Foundation, Heritage Alliance, and other organizations educating Americans about our foundations and how to work the process.

4.  Get Plugged Into a Modern Committee of Correspondence.    We have an amazing advantage over the Founding Era through our communication tools. Can you online casino imagine waiting weeks for a response you may have sent to John Adams to inform him of certain actions of the British? Through internet tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs and plain ol’ fashioned email, we can immediately communicate with an unlimited number of fellow patriots around the nation. Do not delay another day, get plugged in and get signed up on Facebook and Twitter today and connect to me as soon as you do. For Facebook, go to . My Twitter accounts is TexasRickGreen. Join the discussion and give your input!

5.  Go Back to School! Get back to learning the basics. Beginning February 18, I will be conducting a U.S. Government class for High School and college students across the nation. You should seriously consider taking the class and learning all the things they SHOULD have taught you back in school. This 15 week series includes my Constitution Alive class, as well as a presentations, discussions, and tests on a myriad of aspects of American government and how YOU can impact the process. Sign up today at this link.

In today’s age of technology, there is no excuse for any of us to be uninformed. With the click of a button, we can learn about any topic we want, study any candidate, follow any piece of legislation.

Join me in getting informed and equipped and let’s each do our part to save America for future generations!

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