Rick Green

dsc_3242Rick Green is married to Kara Renea Green. They have three sons and one daughter. Rick believes no impact is more important than that which we each have on our own children and grandchildren.

Rick is one of the most dynamic and inspirational speakers in America today. He equips, empowers and challenges about 100,000 people a year in live audiences and millions more through radio and television. dsc_9120His moving presentations often include his children, as they help to passionately explain the bedrock principles which led to America’s place as the most successful nation in the history of the world.

Rick is an attorney, author, and speaker. He was not born a native Texan, but says he “got here as quick as he could” at age 10, by convincing his parents “there’s no place like Texas.” He was raised in Wylie, Texas and graduated there in 1989 as an Honor Graduate after participating and being awarded for all-state competition in both mock trial and baseball.

Rick earned his four-year B.B.A. degree in finance from Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas in just two years by taking twice the average course load each semester. Rick then enrolled as the youngest student (20 yrs. of age) in the University of Texas Law School. While in his first year of law school, Rick sold virtually everything he owned, including his car, to found a talent agency and video production company with TV sales of over half-a-million dollars in the first six months.

While still attending UT Law School, Rick went on to start and run a nutritional supplement company, building and training a national sales force with over 2,500 sales representatives. Rick took some time off from Law School to concentrate on his business. He returned later to complete his J.D. and practice corporate law with an emphasis on helping entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

As a civic contribution, Rick produced a video documentary entitled The Legacy of President Ronald Reagan: The Truth About the Eighties.

Rick was elected to the Texas Legislature at the age of 27, serving from 1999 to 2003, and currently rickandtreyorigfixconsults and advises state officials and candidates in various capacities. Rick is dedicated to public service and impacting the political process because he believes our system of freedom depends upon “we the people” staying involved in the process.

In the 76th Legislative Session, Rick rallied 86 House Republican and Democratic Co-authors to pass his legislation to prevent the filing of frivolous lawsuits by cities against gun-and ammunition-manufacturers, traders and sellers.

Rick’s most important accomplishment during the 77th Legislative Session was bringing together 102 House Republican and Democratic Co-authors to establish ‘Celebrate Freedom Week’, which requires an emphasis on the teaching of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for one week every year.  Other states have recently modeled Rick’s legislation.

rickmicsosoRick was voted Republican Freshman of the Year by his peers in 1999.  He also has received numerous other awards which include:  the Free Market Foundation’s, “Leader of Excellence Award”; Eagles Forum’s “Freedom and Family Award”; Independent Cattlemen’s Association’s “Cattlemen’s Council Award”. His second term as State Representative brought recognition from the national spotlight as he received the United States of America Non-Commissioned Officers Association’s “State Legislature Vanguard Award”.dsc_1281

In the summer of 2000, Rick founded The Torch of Freedom Foundation, (torchoffreedom.org), an organization dedicated to educating our Nation’s future leaders about America’s heritage, and giving them the skills and tools to make an impact on our public policy processes.  The Foundation accomplishes these goals through Patriot Academy.  Taking place at the Texas State Capitol each summer, this is an intensive training considered the elite stepping stone for young people interested in the political process.

Rick joined forces with noted historian and author, David Barton, and began speaking for WallBuilders in November of 2001. WallBuilders is an organization dedicated to presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage.

denver11Rick speaks across the nation on the importance of our concentrated efforts to preserve liberty and pass the torch of freedom to future generations.  He speaks to about 100,000 people in live audiences each year and millions more through radio and television, and has been privileged to share the stage with such noted speakers as Zig Ziglar, Alan Keyes and Peter Lowe.   He is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and continues to inspire audiences through his passionate and moving presentations.