Rick & Kara

Without a doubt, Rick is a rocketship, and Kara is the fins.  Rick is an international speaker, author, and talk show host.  But before all that, he was a crazy twenty-something with big plans and a big head.  Kara watched him succeed and fail countless times;  from creating a million dollar business (and then losing it all) in six months, to becoming a twenty-seven year old State Representative in Texas, she has been a stabilizing force and strategist every step of the way.  Her down to earth practical personality and natural ability to be skeptical at all the right times, makes an interesting match against Rick’s head-in-the-clouds zeal.

Trey, 19

A bulldog and an Entrepreneur, Trey sees opportunity everywhere and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to make everything work out.  Trey is a much needed work horse for family projects and trips, but he uses every free minute to study.  Trey recently graduated with a full degree in economics from the largest private university in the nation- at only seventeen years old!  He was the youngest of over 17,000 graduates. He began Law School at the age of seventeen, while ALSO working on his Masters in Public Administration from the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M.

Reagan, 16

Artist, firearms master, and athlete.  Reagan loves to live in the moment. Every new location the family visits and every new person they meet, is a fresh emotional bond or experience.  If a historical site is powerful or moving to him, he’s just as likely to take an artistically framed photo as to go write a song with Kamryn.

Kamryn, 14

Rick lovingly refers to Kamryn and her brothers as ‘the Queen and her subjects’.  And it’s true, she is fairly regal, but she places an incredibly high priority on accuracy and making sure the truth is the truth.  She is an indispensable part of the research team.

Rhett, 12

Rhett is a total goofball and stage hound.  He is dynamite with an audience and has inherited all of Rick’s magnetic charm, constantly pushing to take over more of dad’s allotted time on stage.  But sometimes, he’s a bit overeager and overconfident with what he thinks he knows;  thankfully Kamryn is always there to put him in his place when he needs it.


Brad Stine

The Greens refer to him as ‘Uncle Brad’, but Brad Stine is an award winning comic and pundit with an impressive theatrical career as well.  He can make the most inane topics side-splittingly funny, but he has a commanding knowledge of practically everything.  Recently Brad is on a personal journey to rediscover America’s lost legacies, and he will often times invite himself along on the Green family’s journeys to get a firsthand look at the past.  But Brad has a twisted tendency to get into trouble, and is constantly getting into hijinks.