November 8, 2012

The Morning After

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I was wrong.

I predicted a 330 Electoral College victory for Romney and it turns out instead that Obama could well reach that number (assuming Florida ever finishes counting).

I felt a little bit hung over this morning, but I didn’t have any alcohol last night, so it must have been the effects of feeling like my national pride just took a major punch in the gut.

I completely misjudged the numbers on this election. I underestimated the number of people in America that have no concept of the dangers of socialism or the benefits of constitutional liberty. In 2008, the nation elected Obama not knowing what he was. I was absolutely convinced that after four years of exposing himself as a left wing socialist, the American people would reject that philosophy and embrace the principles of our Founding. But here in 2012, the nation was well aware that he is a leftist and still chose him to be our president.

Yes, yes…of course the media made him look as good as they could. Of course the Northeast storm and Chris Christi’s big ‘ol bear hug of Obama derailed Romney’s momentum and the truth about Bengazi. Of course there were shenanigans and dishonesty and nasty campaign ads just like every year.

But none of that changes the underlying truth reflected in the exiting polling data and the overall national results. Half of the American voters that showed up to vote have knowingly embraced socialism.

Does that mean they are evil? No, of course not. But it does mean they are wrong.

It means they are misinformed because our education system has for 60 years taught the “virtues” of socialism while tearing down capitalism and traditional values.

We are simply living with the results.

The left wing understands that it takes decades and generations to move a culture. For 60 years, they have been actively engaged and focused on this fight for the soul of America.

By contrast, conservatives just now stepped into the fray 4 years ago. Yet, even with that significant disadvantage, America was still essentially tied at the end of election night with roughly sixty million Americans supporting socialism and nearly the same amount opposing it.

The battle is still close for two reasons.

First, the residual benefits of the strongest foundational principles in the history of the world are still at least remotely present in the hearts of a vast number of Americans. This is despite 60 years without teaching those principles and 60 years of an onslaught trying to destroy those principles. In other words, even though we as a nation have gone generations without teaching the virtues of our constitutional principles and free enterprise, those principles are still strong in half the nation.

That’s quite remarkable.

Think about it for a moment. If you grew up in a home of USC Trojan fans celebrating Trojan victories and mourning Trojan losses and you never watched Texas Longhorn games, except when the two teams played each other, what are the chances of you ending up a Longhorn fan? Considering the Longhorns would have been mercilessly cursed and derided after their epic defeat of the Trojans in the 2005 Rose Bowl, it would not be likely (sorry Trojan fans, couldn’t resist that little dig) that you would support the Longhorns ever.

Most Americans of the last 3 generations have grown up in an education system, news cycle, and entertainment industry that consistently deride anything conservative and cheers on everything liberal.

OF COURSE half the country is going to then embrace liberal politicians!

The real miracle here is that half the country is still refusing to do so!

The only logical explanation for half the nation holding out is that there were enough parents during the last three generations passing down liberty principles at home despite the cultural onslaught against them.

The second reason the battle remains close is that like the mighty men of David in the Old Testament, there have been great warriors for freedom standing up and fighting against overwhelming odds the last few years. They have raised the banner and people have rallied.

They are not only the big names like Chuck Norris, David Barton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Dinesh D’souza. They are also the ones you have not heard about unless you live in their area. Patriot leaders like Michelle Morin in Colorado, JoAnne Fleming and Catherine Englebrecht in Texas, Juan and Laura Ciscomani in Arizona, Nicole Theis in Delaware, and others all across this nation that are influencing, educating, and equipping thousands and thousands of people in their local areas. What may seem like small gains compared to sixty million national votes are actually adding up across the Country and will dramatically affect the outcome in the years to come.

It’s EXACTLY like the Revolutionary Committees of Correspondence that started in 1764…eleven years before the Revolution actually began. Those were the seeds that bore the fruit of freedom nearly a full generation later. The British troops did not leave American soil for nearly 20 years after that handful of American patriots began their great work.

It will be at least 20 years before we can fully turn the tide against socialism, but freedom for my kids and grandkids is worth it!

So even after waking up in a nation that last night re-elected Barack Hussein Obama, 3 valuable pieces of information allow me to still be energized and optimistic about fighting for freedom.

  1. Rebuilding the fundamental foundations of a nation does not happen in one election cycle.
  2. Barely losing the White House does not change the fact that constitutional conservatives have made HUGE gains over the last 4 years and even greater gains can be made in the coming years if we do not grow weary in well doing (more on this in an upcoming blog).
  3. Constitutional values work and they will ultimately win out if we put our best team on the field (which we did not do this year) and use a winning strategy (our strategy was better in 2012 than 2008, but still lacking in some key areas).

I’ve been saying for more than a year that if you expect America to be saved by simply winning the White House, you will be disappointed. Whether Mitt or Barack won, our work was just beginning.

The price of freedom truly is eternal vigilance, which means you keep fighting for it whether Ronald Wilson Reagan or Barack Hussein Obama occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Our challenges are MUCH deeper than the presidency; therefore, our vision, strategy, and resolve must also be deeper.

The situation in which we find ourselves is not surprising nor is it complicated. Our leaders simply reflect the values of those that show up to vote and that vote their values.

So we must re-double our efforts to exercise our freedoms and fight for their preservation. In the coming weeks, I ask you to join me through this blog, on Facebook, and in webinars as discuss which values are worth fighting for and the strategies necessary to preserve those values.

As for the Green family, our mission remains the same. The days after the election will be filled with the same activities as the days before … studying and teaching the principles of freedom, waking up our fellow citizens, and just simply giving of our lives in a way that honors the sacrifice of those before us. Will you continue to do the same?

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