Constitutional Defense Class

Every American citizen has a duty and responsibility to study, understand, and live out the constitutional freedoms guaranteed within our republic.

Imagine doing so in the very birthplace of the Texas Revolution… Gonzales, Texas! Or perhaps at the premier training facility in the nation, Front Sight Nevada. Or even just beginning in your on home with our DVD’s.

Are you confident in your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the principles of liberty that made America the most successful nation in history?

Are you confident in your ability to defend your family should you be the victim of one of the more than 1.2 Million violent crimes committed in America each year?

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that in our classes you will be amazed at how much you will learn about the Constitution and liberty, while also improving your defensive handgun skills more than you can imagine. Even if you know nothing about the Constitution and you have no experience with a handgun, your Constitutional knowledge and your passion for American Exceptionalism, as well as your handgun skills, marksmanship and safety awareness will all dramatically improve.

We are not talking about small improvements in your skills or just learning a couple of facts and figures. If you are not thoroughly impressed and thrilled after you complete one of our classes, we will refund 100% of your tuition.


1.  Join us as we attend classes at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Nevada. We offer HUGE discounts on certificates to attend their handgun, shotgun, or rifle classes – click here to purchase. Or click here to find out more about our October 16&17, 2017 trip to Front Sight where Rick will also be teaching a Constitution Class. Or email [email protected] to ask about special deals on gun rentals or additional classes.

2.  If you’re unable to attend a class right now or would like to first check out what it would be like, be sure to get our DVD set on Constitutional Defense of Your Family & Freedom.

What You Will Learn and Experience on the Range

  • Gun handling, loading and unloading, proper stance, grip from the holster through shooting, sight picture and alignment, and trigger control.
  • Quickly presenting your weapon from concealment and firing a controlled pair to target center from fifteen feet away.
  • Clearing malfunctions, emergency reloading, principles of tactics, and time pressure training with shooting decisions.

What You Will Learn in the Classroom

  • What is the law, both criminal and civil, regarding deadly force? Are you prepared to use it if necessary to protect your family?
  • Preparing yourself mentally to recognize a threat and do what is necessary and proper in defending your family.
  • What was the original intent of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and how is it being upheld or ignored today?
  • What are the proper functions and jurisdictions of the federal government?
  • What are the constitutional duties of an American citizen?
  • What can be done if a judge or the president oversteps their constitutional powers?…and much, much more!


In addition to enjoying Rick Green’s live Constitution Alive! class, you will be given a full package of materials including the entire Constitution Alive! w/David Barton & Rick Green course on DVD & MP3 Audio with the full class workbook for your review and home study with the family.

Family Training

We are a family-friendly training program. Minors are welcome to attend, but must be accompanied by a parent. If you have more than one child per parent or any potential students are under the age of 13, please email the specifics for your family using the Contact us page to obtain pre-approval before paying for the class as the number of minors for each class is limited based upon the number of instructors we have scheduled. Because all of our classes fill completely, we are unable to offer discounts for those purchasing more than one slot in the class.
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