April 7, 2014


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Reality show kicks Kickstarter

Two weeks ago, our family launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter for our new inspirational reality show.

Kickstarter has a problem with Constitional DefenseI had an uneasy feeling about Kickstarter from the beginning because they made me drop one of my rewards for donors. It seems the handgun defense class I was giving away was too much for the Kickstarter executives.

They compromised and let me keep my DVDs about handgun defense and the 2nd Amendment as rewards, so I pressed on instead of refusing to do business with them like I should have. Unfortunately, I did not even know at the time that there were other crowdfunding sites to which I could have moved.

Two weeks later, we are more than halfway to our funding goal with plenty of time to reach it. But last night I learned something that made me immediately regret my decision to do business with them and has caused me to kick Kickstarter to the curb.

Kickstarter rejects Gosnell - America's biggest serial killerAs you may have seen in the news, successful documentarians Phelim & Ann McAleer (Fracknation, Mine Your Own Business, Not Evil Just Wrong) had their new project rejected by Kickstarter. The Gosnell Movie tells the horrific story of mass murder in Gosnell’s abortion clinic and exposes the media for ignoring the worst mass murderer in U.S. history. But the Kickstarter execs were concerned about offending their community by talking about abortion, despite the fact they have multiple projects about rape, stabbing, and more. 24 hours later, they rejected another pro-life project claiming it was giving health advice, yet they approve projects promoting abortion as health advice. That project, Stolen Moments, moved to Indiegogo where the The Gosnell Movie moved as well.

Kickstarter executives most certainly have the right to accept or reject any project they choose. That is the free market at work and I’d fight and die for their right to do so freely.

However, it cuts both ways.

We also have the free market right to choose vendors that support our values. Or at the very least, that do not reject our values. This is not a perfect science and not always possible. Conservatives are often forced to use market-dominated products like Apple or Google, despite the fact their corporate management supports left-wing causes.

But there is no monopoly on crowd funding sites. There are more than twenty options and I even found one that specifically supports faith-based projects, FaithLauncher.


I apologize to the more than 100 backers who went through all the trouble to sign up on Kickstarter and pledge to our project. The good news is that it’s far easier to pledge on FaithLauncher.

If you’d like to join us in sending a pro-life, pro-family, pro-free market message to Kickstarter and the rest of the world, please join us over at FaithLauncher as we re-launch our campaign today for Red, White, Blue, & Green. I’m sure it’s very possible we’ll lose a few of our previous supporters in the confusion, so please spread the word and help get new supporters!

Click to sponsor Red, White, Blue, & Green  on FaithLauncher

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