April 2, 2014

Why a High School Was Ordered to Tear Down Its Brand-New Baseball Bleachers Will Likely Have Small-Gov’t Advocates Shaking Their Heads

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“The idiocy of political correctness and gender equality.” – Rick

By Becket Adams via TheBlaze.com

Bleachers in Plymouth High School in Canton MI

(Image source: WJBK-TV)

The U.S Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights has forced a school in Michigan to tear down a brand-new set of bleachers for its boys’ varsity baseball team because the new seating is nicer than the girls’ softball bleachers.

Plymouth High School in Canton, Mich., was ordered to tear down a new set of bleachers after government officials told them they’re no longer equal to the girls’ bleachers. (Image source: WJBK-TV)

The raised seating deck for the boys’ baseball team, which was paid for with money raised by parents, was put in place because fans who’d come to watch games at Plymouth High School in Canton, Mich., were having a hard time seeing the game through the chain-link fence WJBK-TV reported.

The parents installed the new bleachers themselves and even added a new scoreboard to the field, the station reported.

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  • Tom Polk

    It’s not political correctness.