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Living in a Republic means having great liberty… you can enjoy freedom, start a business, make more money and think what you want to think. Sounds pretty good, right? But as a U.S. Citizen, you have a responsibility to preserve this great nation so these opportunities continue to exist.With the right approach, learning about the Constitution and America’s unique form of government is fun and easy. Whether you’re a student or a citizen of any age that wants to know his or her rights, this is the class for you.


It All Comes Down to the Founding Fathers’ Freedom Formula

But you’re probably sitting back thinking history is boring and maybe you’re even dreading learning about the Constitution. Does it all sound like an invitation to a nice long snooze? The truth is that learning about history and government should be something you look forward to doing! (Are you rolling your eyes right now? If so, read on.)No one wants to sit through a boring lecture on U.S. Government. You may be surprised to hear this fact, but Constitutional expert Rick Green agrees with you on this point. He doesn’t want to hear dry, redundant facts about the government either! In fact, he sat through years of painfully boring lectures and he is determined to keep you from suffering the same fate!


Over the last 15 years, Green has traveled the nation instructing over 1 million people via live audience about the Constitution and America’s freedom formula. But he’s made it completely fun and exciting. Impossible, you say? No, it isn’t, and Rick can show you how.

Rick’s approach means skipping the boring lectures and replacing them with a fun, extremely engaging and easy to use approach. Understanding the Constitution and how to participate in our government is the greatest step towards maintaining your freedom. Through Rick’s course, you can gain this knowledge without all the agonizing dullness that usually accompanies lessons about government and politics.


So Who is This Important, Informational & Fun Class For?


  • College Students
  • High School Students
  • Citizens of any age who want to know more about the U.S. Government and the role they can take to preserve our nation’s liberties!

To view a detailed syllabus, visit here.


Looking to learn more than just facts about the Constitution and U.S. Government?

Want to understand how government and politics impact YOU?

Then this is the perfect course!

  • Want to be entertained? Then you’ve come to the right place.
  • Want to blow away your friends and family with your amazing knowledge and insight into the Constitution, politics, and U.S. Government? Then Rick has the answers.
  • Best of all, you get to skip all the boring stuff, as Rick has replaced it with info that is fun and easy to understand.


To view a detailed syllabus, visit here.



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