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Purchasers of the LIFT Principles and State of the Nation package will be able to download the following 4 files:

  1.  Digital PDF of the booklet, which contains a transcript of both talks:  LIFT Principles & State of the Nation.
  2.  MP3 audio of CD1:  LIFT Principles
  3.  MP3 audio of CD2:   State of the Nation
  4.  MP3 audio of National & Personal Exceptionalism



Purchasers of The Leader’s Edge Combo Pack will be able to download the entire Leader’s Edge Library, which consists of the following:

  1.  Living Your Purpose Audio MP3’s. There are 26 of these and they are all included in the zip file you will download above labeled “Living Your Purpose Audio Files.” You will want to listen to these as you complete the workbook.
  2.  Living Your Purpose Workbook.
  3.  Power of Purposeful Communication. You will see 5 files above that are part of this communication training. The first is a .pdf of the workbook, followed by 3 video files which are about 2 hours each. You will want to have the workbook open as you watch the videos. The last file for the communication training is a zip file that includes three audio files matching the video files so that you can review in the car or otherwise on the move.
  4.  One Life to Give video. A live presentation from Rick Green & his family challenging you to complete this program to help you discover your passion, plan your purpose, and execute your plan! This zip file includes both a video and audio version of the presentation.