December 6, 2012

Bob Costas’ Ignorant, Emotional Comments About Guns Completely Devoid of Facts and Logic

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Sports commentator Bob Costas this week lashed out against America’s “gun culture,” even going so far as to say people should not be armed to defend themselves against lunatics like the Colorado theater killer.

He says the situation would have been worse if someone in the theater had used a gun to stop the nut.


So a mad man is indiscriminately murdering people and Costas thinks a good guy shooting back is a bad idea?

His logic? That such a “wild west, dirty Harry mentality… would have only increased the tragedy and added to the carnage.” He goes on to say “It’s far more likely than somebody playing dirty Harry and taking this guy down, that over the course of time, there would be a dispute over somebody stepping on somebody’s foot in the line for popcorn and that dispute would escalate because someone has a gun.”

Can someone please point me to even one theater murder by a concealed carry holder because someone stepped on his toe in the popcorn line?

But never mind the real facts, Costas even states with absolute confidence that: “far more often bad things happen, including unintentional things, than things where the presence of a gun diminishes or averts danger”

Here again, his emotional response to a football player committing murder and suicide last week is blamed on the inanimate object (the gun) rather than on how the object was illegally misused by the person.

Worse, his statement is SOOOO far from the truth that it is the exact opposite of the truth. The fact is that guns are used in America FIVE TIMES as often to STOP a crime as they are used to commit a crime. Read John Lott’s well researched and documented book “More Guns, Less Crime.” If you don’t have time to read, just use your common sense. For instance, in my rural community of well armed dads and pistol packing mommas in Dripping Springs, Texas has zero “gun crime” while the gun control capitols of America (D.C., Chicago, etc.) are overrun by crime of all kinds.

No, Bob, bad things do NOT happen “far more often” because of the presence of a gun. Yes there are crazy people using guns for bad things and yes, there are irresponsible and careless people experiencing tragedy because of the improper care of a gun (no different than cars). But for every one of those bad things, there were at least five times that someone’s life was saved or a woman was not raped or property was not stolen or a precious child was not kidnapped, molested, and murdered. For just a handful of examples, click here.

And yes, even lunatic massacre wannabes have been stopped because a would-be victim had a gun to stop them (this has happened multiple times in the last few years with school shootings and other incidents).

Bob goes on to say “I cannot think of a single instance involving a professional athlete, whereby that athlete having a gun averted or diminished a dangerous situation, but I can give you a long list of tragedies that came about because guys were packing.”

First of all, I’m expecting a lot of stories to come through in the next few weeks of athletes telling the stories of their firearm averting tragedy. But even if they are few or even non-existent (which I doubt), let’s not forget they are an extremely small percentage of the population and usually have professional security details us normal Joe’s cannot afford.

Second, he again blames the presence of the gun, rather than the person. He ignores the law-abiding athletes like Colt McCoy who grew up respecting guns and using them correctly (Colt actually has a story in his book about being thankful he had a gun in his home when a crazy man was in the yard outside threatening him).

And then Costas ignores the responsibility of the athlete who commits a crime with a gun, as if he would have been a perfect little angel helping little ol’ ladies across the street if it just hadn’t been for that evil gun in his waistband.

Come on Costas, you’re smarter than this. Quit letting your emotions dictate your position. Study up on this issue, learn the facts, and apply some common sense. You’re great at hosting the Olympics, but I sure would not want you sitting next to me when a lunatic walks in seeking to kill as many people as he can.

The Founding Fathers of America would have fined you for not being willing to defend yourself and your family. God forbid it ever happens, but if you are ever in that situation, I sure hope there is God-fearing, 2nd Amendment living (not just loving), Front Sight trained American close by that can get you and your family out of the jam alive. (BTW, my 16 year old and I just went through Front Sight’s four day defensive handgun class and it is amazing. I encouraged EVERYONE to take it!)

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