Patriot Academy

Patriot Academy was designed by Rick Green as a six-day political training and leadership program where students age sixteen to twenty-five learn about America’s system of government from a Biblical worldview. Each summer, young people from around the nation come to the Texas State Capitol to form a fully functioning mock legislative body, drafting legislation, debating bills and passing laws. Students participate in fast-paced, interactive workshops on media relations, public speaking, campaigning techniques and the Founding Fathers’ philosophy of government.

Patriot Academy

Current and former elected officials and experts share their personal experience in government and discuss today’s most relevant issues. Today, Patriot Academy is the premier conservative political training camp in the nation, training young people to effectively engage in every aspect of government, whether as an elected official or an active citizen. As our students are equipped to affect change for the issues that matter most to them, Patriot Academy is fulfilling its vision to raise up a new generation to lead the change in America.

The Student Track is for young adults, ages 16 to 25. We have several regional academies and a national alumni academy in 2015. Go to Patriot Academy to apply. Please apply early to ensure a spot.

Over the years, requests have been made to have a Patriot Academy Session for adults over 25. So we now offer our Citizen Track program “Patriot Academy: Today’s Generation.


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